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How Chase Rogers Was Able To Hit 20M+ In Sales In a Dying Economy



Having graduated in 2013 with a degree in Kinesiology, where Chase Rogers specialized in sports management, he decided to venture into innovative marketing strategies. He says that the marketing strategies blended so well with the real estate sales that he was interested in after watching a show on Bravo called Million Dollar Listing. 

Getting in the game

When Chase ventured into real estate fully, he knew that he had to do an outstanding thing to create a brand. He also had to create a brand that would be a household name for many. Therefore, he created ‘ChasingTheDeal.’ He added high-quality marketing videos and put a catchy intro to establish his brand. He then got into the luxury market after gaining several high tier connections. 

One time, he closed a deal that he says launched him and inaugurated him to high tier clients. It was a family that was initially budgeting for an $800K. However it took more than a year to close the deal, but it taught him a lot, including patience. Having done the first one, he felt confident and credible to handle anything that came his way. Finally, the family got a house that cost $2M. 

He now had the authority and credibility to pitch and close more same level clients. He leveraged that sale and got into luxury real estate. Since then, he has closed several $ 3M houses and is still counting. 


As usual, everyone is subjected to obstacles, especially in startup businesses. At 23, when Chase was starting off, he had barely any sales. He was however, patient as he trusted the process, and he knew that all was well with him. He also knew he had to do a good job because buying a house, for many, is the number 1 asset. 

Shining Higher

Chase advises the startups that patience is key while starting. He says that the first year is mostly for learning the market, establishing credibility and trust. According to him, the first year leaves someone with a lot of time, and you can utilize it by going to open house and broker tours. That allows you to give insight into potential clients’ homes and meet top agents that you are likely going to work with.

He further says that you should ensure that you create your own niche in the market. Whether you are focusing on an area or a demographic, it’s imperative to differentiate yourself or be an expert in an area for people to choose you over competition.

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