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How College Dropout Nitin Bhardwaj Started Ruling The Game of Digital Marketing



As the name, Nitin means “Master of the knowledge of the righteous path.” Being a self-taught entrepreneur in the pandemic, Nitin has explored online learning. He is now successfully running the sales funnel & Facebook Ads business, taking the brands in the digital space to the next level.

Nitin believes that there is no age for learning, especially in today’s era where everything is digital. Digitalization is transforming our daily lives and making it easier to do tedious tasks with one click. It is bringing more chances to attract relevant people towards businesses. All is needed to know the exact platform and effective strategies to get the best results within the set budgets.

From the age of 7, he started to develop websites and spending more time in the computer labs of school, learning new things from his teacher Jyoti Bagga & Meenakshi along with his childhood friend Gaurav Garg, brainstorming new things on developing an IT startup. He got his 1st computer at the age of 13, which was gifted by his father. Derive from a middle-class family. Knowing the value of money and people’s feelings. He always wanted to do something to transform people’s life & the education system. This entire mission started with doing something significant to set some example and inspire others. The formation of Howling Media will be the step first towards that dream.

Being an ardent app & full stack developer with having a passion for creating brand stories had led him to make the transition in his career from development to digital marketing. He wanted to help others, along with creating a passive source of income. He has gone through ups and downs in the personal and professional life but now successfully managing his successful Dropshipping Stores, E-com brands, and Paid Ads business.

Nitin is planning to start his agency called HowlingMedia. Being a young & charismatic guy from Chandigarh who is rocking the Digital marketing world with his skills—working with clients worldwide right from North America, Canada, Australia, UK, and many more. He always likes to share his values, ethics, experience, and knowledge with others. He is being admired by a lot of people but personally believes that people will respect you if you admire them genuinely. He carries a vision and positive outlook that made his dream achieve infinite infinity.

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Being a facile person, he spends most of his time learning new things, keeping himself updated with Digital industry trends. He believes It will make him experience different things and know about his potential about his capabilities. Personally, he likes to meet different people, and know their experiences help him to understand the feelings and psychology of people even better.

Nothing is easier, but once we start doing it, we find our path to make things work in our favor. This helps us to take towards the pathway of success. Digitalizing the brands is easier for him because he knows how to make it real.

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