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How Connie Aramento Is Building The Coaching Business Of The Future Around Mindfulness And Recognizing Self-worth



2020 has come to be known as the year the world stopped, but for many, including Greek-American entrepreneur Connie Kanella Aramento, it was an opportunity to slow down and take account of the important things.

In this exclusive interview, I sat down with Connie for an in-depth conversation on her motivations, her business, and the art of stillness.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got started as an entrepreneur?

I am a first-generation Greek, born in Buffalo, NY to immigrant parents from Greece. My family runs restaurants, and by the time I was 16, I was managing the whole place. However, I always knew that I would be the rebel, the disruptor, the one that would want to do it differently.

 I hadn’t decided to become an entrepreneur. I had thought of it, but I was avoiding it for such a long time because I didn’t think that I could do it. In 2009 I finally took the leap and launched Soul Sync Wellness, a brand aimed at integrative nutrition coaching and employee wellness as well.

You have been in business for more than a decade. How has your brand evolved over the years?

My brand has evolved over the years and is about connecting with yourself at the soul level. I am an Intuitive and Self-Awareness Coach to 6 and 7-figure spiritual women ready to step into their next level.

I share a lot of my experience so my clients don’t have to take the long route, and I take them step-by-step through the process of healing from the inside out. I have a sweet spot connected to advocating for those who suffer from chronic ailments and want to lead a life as an influencer and in impact. 

I work specifically with the overworked, burnt-out, unhappy, and successful woman looking to find herself again. I also assist organizations that need to incorporate self-awareness, wellbeing, communication, and collaboration in their work to create high-performing teams.

2020 was a very pivotal year. How did the pandemic affect your business?

As an entrepreneur, you have to make a decision of when to take your “side hustle” into a full-time endeavor and take the risk. In 2011 I had my daughter, and my son followed in 2014. It was difficult for me to make the decision to go into my business full time with two kids at home, so I stayed in my day-job for financial security. I was making a lot of money, however, I was sacrificing my personal worth. I was passed up for a promotion I clearly deserved and I was also struggling with undiagnosed postpartum depression. In 2016, I finally crashed and experienced full burnout. It took me 4 months of medical leave from my job to recover. When I eventually went back to work, I negotiated a part-time role that allowed me to focus more on my business and my family.

Some may have seen COVID as an obstacle. For me, it opened up opportunities for my business and helped me focus on it full-time while homeschooling my kids. It wasn’t until COVID hit that I knew it was time to go full time, to fully believe in myself, my business, and how I show up in the world. 

How do you advise your clients to avoid the burnout you experienced 5 years ago?

When I had to deal with burnout in 2016, I learned the value of stillness, and that the ‘go, go, go’ mentality isn’t the answer to living that joyful life that we long for as a society. Unfortunately, most of us have to hit our rock bottom to understand this, and my focus is to help women recognize this before they get to the point that I did.

Reflection is key, so we can actually hear ourselves. Every kind of transformation starts from within. Do you want to make more money? Start with yourself. Do you want to find your soulmate? Start with yourself. Do you want to get a raise? Start with yourself. That is the formula.

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