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How Connor Robertson Is Helping Businesses Get Appointments With Ease



For 21 years, Connor Robertson’s parents have been recruiting to build businesses. But Connor had another idea in mind that uses the same skills that his parents have been using for years

“I wanted to bring together prospecting skills, recruitment skills, and Linkedin, e-mail, text, and voicemail to build an organic machine for B2B businesses,” he said. 

As a result, he built Syntacz, a company that’s built out of the need to help people put more appointments on the calendar without the ups and downs, plus the heavy investment of Facebook ads.

“Appointments are the thing that outweighs everything else in the business. If you are known for your solution, you will never need to have a perfect product. We decided to fill the gap on Linkedin, email, text, and voicemail for prospecting out new clients and setting appointments,” Connor said. 

Motivated By His Parents

Seeing his parents run their business for 21 years did more than just spark an idea inside Connor’s mind. It also inspired him to take his chances and run a business of his own. 

“They have provided a life for me that has both time and money freedom that I never could have achieved without them diving into their own business,” Connor said. 

But there’s another source of motivation that pushed Connor to establish Syntacz: tax. 

“I was unable to understand how to flow income from the self-employed or employee column over to the business and investor quadrants. What I didn’t realize was you can act like a big business on paper without being one,” he said. 

Connor added that these strategies gave him the inspiration to start the business and start growing. 

How It Works 

Aside from helping businesses create more appointments with other businesses, Connor said that Syntacz was also designed to package their service of prospecting as a non-recurring setup, thus giving them a competitive edge in the market. 

The whole process of Syntacz can be divided into three sections: defining, meeting, and closing the prospect. 

It begins with Connor and his team helping a business define its prospect. They set a customer profile and begin searching for customers on their clients’ Linkedin.

Next, they connect with 100 prospects in a day which they engage in back-to-back conversations that their client can moderate until they narrow the list of customers that match their requirements. 

Lastly, Syntacz helps their clients close the deal with their customers and bring them closer to their goals. 

With Connor’s company, there’s not an uneventful day that goes by for businesses who are looking to connect with their ideal prospects. And all these benefits can be attributed to the enterprising mind of Connor Robertson. 

Get to know more about Dr. Connor Robertson through his Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts. Or visit

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