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How DaiJa Monet Was Able To Become a Self Made Millionaire.



DaiJa Monet is a personal trainer with a virtual personal training company. She is from Denver, Colorado and went to Howard University where she studied Human Performance with a concentration in Sports Medicine. She was a Equinox personal trainer for her entire personal training career before deciding to go completely independent and start her own company. She currently lives in Los Angeles, but conducts all of her personal training virtually. 

Making a name in the industry  

DaiJa made a name for herself within the industry by staying dedicated to her craft and staying true to who she really Her purpose is to help and heal people inside and out. She works hard, stays consistent, and most importantly continues helping as many people as possible. Monet does everything for the people, not herself. She became of her work by practicing the lifestyle she teaches. 

Obstacles faced

DaiJa had many obstacles she faced. She states “Being a woman, let alone a black woman, I have to prove myself with twice as much and twice as often than others in the industry.” Monet feels that she has to know everything and study everything, otherwise she would be doubted and looked down upon. She adds how she is also a petite woman, so she constantly has to defend her intelligence as if her credentials, experience, clientele and results don’t speak for themselves. Monet just lets her clients’ hard work speak for her. 

Overcoming obstacles

DaiJa overcame these obstacles by studying more and trying to know everything she can. She is aware it is impossible to know everything, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to know as much info as possible. Monet then states “It’s the Virgo in me. I stay prepared and dedicate myself as a forever student to health and fitness.” 

Uniqueness within the industry

What makes DaiJa different within the industry is she not only concentrates on her clients fitness goals, but on their mental health as well. She is mindful of the fact mental health affects everything. Monet also monitors her client’s confidence, stress, lifestyle, and tries to help them become the most effective version of themselves in all aspects of their life, not just fitness. 

In conclusion, DaiJa is working hard for her clients to be the very best version of themselves in every part of their life. Not only does she help them physically better themselves but mentally as well, which is a game changer. DaiJa keeps her clients motivated and satisfied while doing the same for herself as well, working twice as hard. She is open minded and knows her worth, keeping in mind that results come with hard work and dedication. 

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