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“How Do I Succeed On Instagram?” Amaan A. Surani Is Here To Show You!



Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in 2021, with an astounding audience of over one billion active monthly users. With so many people on this app, many would dream to gain the attention of the masses. However, that’s easier said than done.

Amaan Surani, CEO of Slay Media LLC, specializes in content creating, personal branding, digital advertising, and influencer marketing. Amaan and his company have worked with several popular brands such as Fashion Nova, TikTok, Calm, Saweetie, Bebe Rexha, and many more. Over the past five years, Amaan Surani has accumulated a total network of ten million-plus followers across his social media accounts. Although Slay Media LLC operates on all of the leading platforms, Instagram is Amaan’s personal favorite. And he’s here today to share some of his tips and secrets to success in the business!

“Ask yourself first, what would you like your internet persona to be? On social media, you can be anything you want. That’s the beauty of it. Do something you enjoy, something you can relate to on a personal level, that’ll allow you to share similarities with your followers and maintain a better relationship with them.” Amaan believes that someone’s genuine interests will gravitate them towards a specific niche. One of Amaan’s accounts, @ScaryClip, is a page he enjoys working on because he is and always has been a fan of the horror genre.

“This one a big one, as it’s a mistake that I see people make every single day. You don’t want to listen to illegitimate tactics such as follow/unfollow or buying fake engagement/followers. You may as well put forth that effort into doing something legitimate. Make your followers interested in following your account. Don’t buy followers, and don’t scam people into following you. As an influencer and creator, follower trust is everything. You want your followers to be genuinely interested in you and your content. Algorithms can detect fraudulent activities such as this, as well, and reprimand your account for it.”

“Consistency is key. Many people will feel motivated one week, just to become demotivated the next. You want to publish the best content you can find, and keep your consistency in check. Please don’t post for a week, just to be inactive for another week. Some platforms, in fact, are known for showing your posts to fewer people if you have a history of fluctuation. Algorithms could detect you as someone who isn’t a steady creator, and that can hurt your account. Yes, this can cause you to be seen by fewer people overall.”

“Your followers are the most important thing to you. They’re responsible for your success. Listen to them. Engage with your followers. Answer them, ask them their opinions on what you could do to improve your craft, you can even engage in an ordinary conversation with them! That’s something I personally like to do a lot.”

To keep up with Amaan’s journey, be sure to follow his personal Instagram @abracadabra and Snapchat @AvalancheAmaan.

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