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At 24 years old, Anil Dobani, otherwise known as Anilthejeweler, is proof that no stepping stone is too small if it gets one closer to the peak of their goals. Anilthejeweler always knew he was meant to be an entrepreneur, but before becoming the celebrity jeweler that he is today, Anil was but a cog in the machines of other jewelers. How he managed to establish his own successful business is the story we’re exploring today.

Learning From Unassuming Beginnings

Anil was still in high school when he started working for different jewelers in Atlanta. His job was to manage the social media pages of these jewelers, in a bid to increase their online presence and, in effect, their revenues. In doing this, Anil learned the importance of raising brand awareness, communicating with one’s clients, and building personal relationships to gain customers’ trust and loyalty.

Now, when Anil felt that he was ready to move on from being a social media manager, he had to make a crucial choice. He could start his own social media agency or try his luck by starting a jewelry business. Needless to say, he chose the latter.

Climbing Up the Ranks

While working as a social media manager for other jewelers, Anil threw so much of himself into the work that he started learning the ins and outs of the jewelry industry. Having this insider view on what truly goes on with every transaction involving a piece of jewelry, Anil started to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into jewelry.

Once he decided with certainty that he wanted to open his own custom jewelry shop, he knew exactly where to begin.

“I decided to quit my social media venture to open my own Instagram page selling custom jewelry,” explains Anilthejeweler. “That was the beginning of my entrepreneurial path to becoming a jeweler myself.”

Lucky for him, a profound sense of respect for custom jewelry is not the only thing Anil picked up during his time working as a community manager for other jewelers. He also learned branding and marketing, and their application to the business of selling custom jewelry.

Within the first year of opening his Instagram shop, Anil grew his following to 28,000, including many professional athletes and verified celebrities.

A Man on a Mission

Nowadays, Anilthejeweler supplies chains, bracelets, watches, earrings, rings, and grills to these athletes and celebrities alike. Anil’s name and business even gained popularity among NFL and NBA personalities.

Some of the famous names he has had the opportunity to work with include Buddy Hield, Richard Sherman, and DK Metcalf. But despite going well above and beyond his humble beginnings, Anil says he is far from done.

“Working with some known athletes and celebrities was a good start for me, but there are no limits to what I can do in the future,” says Anilthejeweler. “I know that my custom-made jewelry can gain an audience with the entire USA population that’s interested in hip-hop culture, which, at the core, includes hip-hop jewelry.”

Moving forward, Anil hopes to hire more employees to speed up the production of his pieces. With any luck, Anilthejeweler hopes to break ground on his first brick-and-mortar store to complement the business he brings in through his Instagram shop.

Final Thoughts

No one can tell if Anilthejeweler could have achieved the same success he had as a jeweler if he didn’t jump on the chance to be a social media manager for other jewelers at a young age. Still, Anil credits much of his success to the lessons he learned from his years steering things from the sidelines. This goes to show that the time one spends learning everything there is to learn about the industry they want to enter is just as important as everything they do as an actual player in that line of expertise.

If you want to learn more about Anilthejeweler’s journey, you can connect with him through Instagram at @anilthejeweler or @anildobani_.

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