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How Fiverr Enabled Jennifer West to Quit Her Job, Find Herself, and Replace Her Full-Time Wage in Just 6-Months



Sometimes we need a catalyst in our lives to wake us up to the mundane, lackluster reality around us that we desperately want to change. For so many people in 2020, that catalyst was the pandemic, which subsequently created a shift in the world of work, demonstrating to so many that remote working works – quite well.

This much-needed wake-up call to a world that can slip through our fingers without warning spurred Jennifer West to take action. As the pandemic barreled down on the United Kingdom during the first-half of 2020, Jenny was working at a call centre at the time. Frustrated with her work environment that promised false raises, was riddled with sexism, and all-around bred a sense of depression that impacted every person who worked there, Jenny knew she needed a change.

Feeling unhappy with the state of her life, Jenny discovered something amazing on TikTok one day. After seeing a video about ghostwriting, which is the process by which a freelance writer creates content that the client then claims authorship over, Jenny had an idea. With an unused degree in English Language and Literature, she thought to herself: why not?

She went onto and opened two different ghostwriting services. After responding to countless messages on the app, something incredible happened: Jenny got her first order. Once she completed the order and delivered it on the site, the client left a 5-star review. That social proof convinced the next client to book Jenny, and so the pattern continued.

Why a Spark of Confidence Can Be Life Changing

Through the confidence she was gaining from writing successfully on Fiverr, Jenny went onto publish her own books on Amazon as the author. The cash flow and continued stream of clients changed Jenny’s outlook and mindset, providing her with the push she needed to move to her dream city in February 2021 and do this full-time.

“I have been able to express myself in ways I never could where I previously lived, as well as spend my time in my dream apartment, in my dream city,” said Jenny. “I ghostwrite full-time today, only working for myself. It’s a feeling unlike any other, and I want other people to know that they, too, can have this for themselves.”

Starting the journey on Fiverr in July 2020, Jenny completed her first order for just $5. With the momentum behind her profile after those first few orders, the bookings really began to pick up between August and September 2020, tipping Jenny off to the possibility of making Fiverr her full-time hustle.

Today, she is now making around $660 per story she writes.

As of July 2021, Jenny has made more than $14,875.69 from her Fiverr profile in 12-months. With a popular profile that receives new orders every few days, Jenny is set to reach Level 2 seller on the site in the coming weeks. Given her proven track record and glowing 5-star reviews, Jenny plans to apply to Fiverr PRO, the top 1% program on the platform that enables sellers to charge lucrative rates.

Beyond the earnings, testimonials, and accomplishments, Jenny’s most cherished freelancing experience is the one that enabled her to truly and unequivocally find herself.

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