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How Have a Success as a Digital Entrepreneur – with Manuela Fantini



Manuela Fantini started this career in 2017, at the time she was a Marketing Manager in the digital field in an Italian company, but his dream was to have something of his own, without it limits, timetables and above all without leaders. In 2018 he chose to become full time and in the spring of 2019 he has Community Girlboss & Co. opened and now has more than 3,000 members. During that summer he began collaborating with his current company and in just 18 months I reached the qualification of Diamond (at the top of marketing plan), earning 7 times more than his old salary from “traditional worker”. In recent years, many people have followed his life, what he had to say and his work.

What do you suggest to those who want to create something special on the Social Media nowaday?

I always recommend to stop for a moment and write down the answers to these 4 simple questions:

Who are you?
Are you a mother, a student, a model, a cook, a traveler, a sportswoman, a make-up artist, an employee with a secret wish? It doesn’t matter if you are not a babe with a glossy life, you are unique and wonderful, you just have to learn how to communicate it.

What do you have so special to offer?
It must be something that you already know, which is a part of you. Something that gradually has built up your wealth of knowledge and skills, mostly out of self-interest. It can also be personality aspects or experiences from your past that have made you the woman you are today.

What are you passionate about?
This is a crucial question. If you focus your business on something that you are really passionate about, you will be able to move it forwards later in time, to overcome tough moments, where you would like to drop everything and hide. Only passion will lead you to be captivating on screen, because others will see it in your face and allow themselves to be involved with you and your genuineness.

What do others appreciate you for?
Have you ever tried asking? I assure you that brilliant and unexpected answers often come up, which will lead you to look at yourself with different eyes. Have you ever given advice to someone? Which aspects of yours are more appreciated? Try to gather your thoughts to use and give value to what you have.

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