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How Jincy Kelly Is Reshaping Men To Attract A-Level Women Through Dating Online



Even though there are a number of dating apps, events, and sites that people can sign up on to find their match, there are still struggles in the online dating community–especially for men.

The proportion for men and women on online dating apps is 3:1, on Tinder, it’s 9:1. Moreover, men receive one response for every 20 to 50 messages they send whereas women have flooded inboxes.

Jincy Kelly, a dating coach, helps men address their online dating frustrations  

and shows them how to attract and connect with A-level women

Fixing their Online Dating Profile

One of the first steps that Jincy takes to help men have a higher chance of finding a quality match online is by showing them how to fix their online dating profiles.

The way a man presents himself on his dating profile, the quality of words chosen, the sentences he uses, and the pictures he presents on his dating profile determine the success he will find with online dating.

According to Jincy, women are keenly perceptive and can read between the lines. So for men to get their attention, their profile has to be more than what just meets the eye.

She teaches men how to develop a powerful self-marketing pitch. Jincy reveals an interesting dating concept  – “We spend a lot of time developing marketing campaigns and marketing strategies to sell products but scarcely do we spend time developing and crafting a solid and strong marketing pitch about our own selves.”

Jincy Kelly works with men who are looking for love and wanting to cut through all the BS in the dating game and connect with high caliber women to find the woman of their dreams and their heart’s desire.

Jincy Kelly is an author and world-renowned body image coach who helps men end their frustrations with online dating by coaching them on how to be successful in attracting women.

She has interviewed thousands of high caliber women and has keen insight into what it is that women, especially attractive and successful women are looking for in men. \

Building Their Confidence

Jincy has coached men on their dating life by helping them develop their self-image online. In addition, she works with them to provide them with the internal tools needed to level up their dating game.

Honing the power of conversation. We all know that you can be with the most attractive person, but if the conversation and energy are dull, it negates everything. 

Jincy Kelly provides her clients with powerful tools to engage and have great conversations flowing with the women they are communicating with. 

“If you can get a woman to engage with her mind and her emotions, you will have her hooked,” this is what I help my clients become great at. 

“We spend hours developing marketing strategies for products we launch in the market, yet few of us spend much time developing and crafting a powerful marketing pitch about our own selves. This is a powerful tool that works like a charm for men while dating and networking with women online and face-to-face,” Jincy said.

Jincy Kelly is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and offers the Chick Magnet Dating Profile program, showing men how to fix their online dating profile to attract level-A women to their profile. 

For those who are interested in accelerating their goal of finding love, Jincy Kelly also offers one-on-one coaching. For her high-end clients, she even flies to her client’s state and spends a day with them, crafting their desires for love into a workable solution. 

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