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How Jon Yeafoli Made A Name For Himself As a Professional Leader In Forex, Cryptocurrency, And Soon… DeFi



Jon Yeafoli comes from a small town called Lawrence, Kansas where just 15 minutes south he grew up on a dairy farm for 8 years of his life. After dropping out of highschool then later dropping out of college, Jonnie decided to take a non-traditional route betting on the ideas that would fill his head at the time. Fast forward 8 years from an 18 year old with no example of a winning situation to now being a 26 year old who’s amassed well over 7 figures on top of spending more than a recorded 2000 hours teaching others how to become successful with the lessons he’s learned. His journey started with consulting pro athletes which gave him an investment cushion that would soon launch his forex and crypto trading career. Jon told us “Realistically, I saw day trading as a way of life that fit into the way I needed to live, for me to reach my end goal”. As success would find him in multiple ways along his trading journey, he now focuses much of his time on the development of Wealth generation systems for long term legacy, Defi projects on the blockchain, and building out an inhouse development team that would enable his problem solving abilities at a high level within the financial markets.

Making a Name In The Industry 

He believes his authority as an overall voice in the investment space has reached its level of authority for Forex Trading and Cryptocurrency Trading due to his transparency, relatability, and eagerness to prove he can help others. When people get to know Jonnie’s backstory of growing up on a dairy farm in Kansas, it’s always an interesting reaction. People see him, a guy who dropped out of highschool, faced tons of adversity, and yet was able to make his vision a reality. From the looks of his instagram reviews it looks as if he makes sure to keep transparency on everything, even when it’s hard. I’m sure the profits motivate people a bit as well but overall they search for something they can trust, relate to, and find comfort investing their time with.

Obstacles Faced

In 2018 while Jon was in San Diego working for marketing clients, his mother passed away. When that happened his whole world stopped causing him to really find out who he was and the purpose he wanted to serve along his journey. This had to be one of the most difficult obstacles that Jon has been through, as it even forced him to do some self discovery along the way putting many projects and clients on hold. 

Overcoming Obstacles 

Within the week of his mother’s loss, his really good friend and old roommate, who he had known for about 5 years before that, showed up at his house in Kansas to pick him up and get his head clear which led to them moving to San Diego where the entire journey began. His name was Austin. In the following few months they would spend days on end without sleep learning how to solidify what they knew about forex so that it could change their lives. He said “it’s crazy looking back on that situation now, we had no idea 6 months later we’d be sharing tables with other people at the top of their industry like members of Faze, Nelkboys, and Travis Scott.” That key moment when a friend showed up, impacted his life forever and showed him how to turn pain into productivity as a form of dealing with setbacks in a positive forward thinking way.

Uniqueness Within The Industry 

The key thing that separates Jon from others in similar industries such as other forms of Forex or Crypto trading, is that he takes time to focus on individuals he directly teaches. He is willing to be the guy that spends hours on a call with someone to be sure they understand what’s going on around them. Beyond that when he works with people on day trading, it’s not just business, his mentorships last up to 6 months, so that means he won’t just hop on random calls. He’s set up a complete A to Z roadmap to $100k that covers everything from learning how to trade forex or how to trade cryptocurrency by teaching them, developing mental skills transferable to anything in life, then onboarding them with a practical way of getting funded so their efforts pay well. There’s enough people with courses charging way too much, or asking people to pay $3k for a 3 day course. Jonnie states “It would be impossible to become a professional trader from 3 days of information. I would need 3 days just to INTRODUCE fibonacci…”

In conclusion, Jon Yeafoli has been able to grow and learn from even the hardest obstacles he has encountered throughout his life, sometimes with the help of his friends as well. This just proves that Jon constantly seeks to find the higher purpose in everything, which improves himself in many aspects in his life. He uses his knowledge to help others achieve great things like he has in his lifetime, not only looking out for himself, but for others as well. It’s clear Jon Yeafoli is in this for the benefit of others, which can be very rare to come across these days.  

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