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How Julia Deals With Procrastination, Overcomes Her Abusive Dysfunctional Relationship Becomes a Success Coach



According to Julia, procrastination comes with negative beliefs in the subconscious mind. When procrastination becomes a habit, it may not be easy to escape. Julia, a successful coach with an inspirational success path, was once someone who procrastinated so frequently and has finally found a way to overcome it. 

About Julia

Julia Cha became a success coach who has gone through a long-winded series of pivotal changes in her profession and personal life. Her career began after leaving an abusive relationship with two very young kids. Being financially unstable, Julia had to find a way to make ends meet. She started as a humble sales position where she sold luxury and higher ticket items and then moving on to financial services, and finally, consulting. She stabilized her life and decided to go for what mattered most to her, coaching. 

Now, her coaching practice is highly sought after. She has also started a new unique program to support new entrepreneurs based on methods and insights that helped her succeed. She is further highly enthralled in mentoring women. She is also a best-selling author, and many people love reading her book.

  • Changing your family role and identity

Changing your family identity means letting go of what people perceive you to be or want you to be. Be the game-changer. Julia’s experience with the negative beliefs came from how she was raised. Her origin did not allow one to be more successful than her elder sibling, and the men in her family. She, however, decided to make that change and make a name for herself. 

  • Positive Reinforcement- Focusing On Feedback That Supports Your Goals

This habit helped Julia immensely with beating procrastination. Seeing the change that comes out of dedication pushes her to keep going. She chooses to focus on positive feedback, receiving comments and praises that her work has helped them. Because of this, she gained confidence and continued to repeat what she has done. 

  • Focusing on what works for you, and increase that two-fold

Julia’s advice on engaging in what you love doing is straightforward. Too many people focus on what is not going well, and that buys into the limitations. You have to focus on what’s actually going well, and teach your brain why this is the best time to do the work it takes.

Julia’s Advice for new women entrepreneurs

Believe in yourself. Trust yourself. Focus on what’s important, and let go quickly of what doesn’t help you. You have everything that it takes to make your deepest desires come true because those deepest desires are meant to be yours, only if you work towards them to make them into reality. You deserve it. 


Overcoming procrastination can be a significant booster as procrastination limits productivity, and this is what Julia is passionate about. She is a fundamental lady who uses her skills and knowledge to help others succeed. Her success is a result of grit and resilience, which paints her an admirable feminist nature. You can find out more of what she does from her website

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