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How Julian Ash Turned Instagram From a Media Sharing Platform to A Source of Income



Created in 2010, Instagram has been a leading media sharing platform where users can share photos and videos that allow them to connect or gain a following. But over the past few years, Instagram has also become an area for brands and businesses to market their products or services, showing that there’s a lot of potential from it. 

But aside from businesses looking to market themselves, entrepreneurs have also entered this niche industry and make a profit from growing pages on Instagram.

Many have profited from this new line of business and one of them is Julian Ash, who at 19-years-old, is living in Bali, Indonesia, and can travel the world thanks to his online business. 

How He Got into the Trade 

Julian started developing different themes on Instagram when he was in high school. 

“I remember seeing all these successful people on Instagram, and I was curious to know how they did it,” he shared. 

To get a grasp on how to navigate himself in the new industry that he’s about to enter, Julian put in the hard work as well as learned from coaches as much as he could. Now an expert on the platform, he is dedicated to finding innovative ways to maximize the growth of the numerous brands that he handles. 

Mentoring Others About the Trade  

Using his knowledge on the popular media-sharing platform, Julian has been able to help a large number of people quit their mundane jobs by going full-time on Instagram. 

He does this by helping his clients find a gold mine niche where they are passionate, growing a loyal following from scratch, and monetizing their page with some problem-solving to help keep them ahead of their competition. 

Julian also has a team working alongside him and using their experience to grow multiple theme pages to the point where he currently profits $15,000 per month running them. 

Focusing On Growth 

Although Julian has already reached reasonable amounts of income from his business and has helped many brands scale their Instagram page, the young entrepreneur is still focused on growth in terms of business. 

“The goal is to keep growing Instagram theme pages and allowing other people to get started. I’m also on a mission to help course creators and coaches scale their businesses using Instagram brands,” he said

Julian serves as an example that social media platforms can be a profitable venture as long as one takes the time to learn the ropes and put in the effort to find a niche market that can lead to success. Learn more about Julian Ash through his Instagram account.

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