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How Ken Blowfield Helps Entrepreneurs ‘Crack the Code’ to Generate Seven-Figures per Year Using His 4-Step Ascension Model

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Ken Blowfield is a business coach specialising in Sales, Marketing and Business Growth, he consults with organisations looking at leveraging his expertise to drive more revenue, profits and sales. Ken is known for helping business owners “crack the 7-figure code” in their organisations so they can outcompete their competitors and stay at the forefront of their industries.

Ken has been running or operating businesses from the age of 17. However, made his first significant break in the Personal Training/Fitness industry when he was 19.  Since then Ken has been involved in a series of different business ventures and thus understands how frustrating it can be in the beginning not feeling like you have enough time, money, and energy to make your dreams come true. Ken has since moved from the fitness industry into the business coaching space. He consults with business owners and entrepreneurs who are generating 5 or 6 figures per year to “crack the code” to scale to 7-figures consistently. He does this through effective sales and marketing systems so that entrepreneurs can create freedom in their lives. If you’re ready for more success than you’ve ever had before, then Ken is your go-to man!

During Ken’s time in the  fitness industry it taught him a lot about the follow up and follow through. “If you want to make regular and consistent sales in the hyper-competitive personal training space”, Ken says “you have to be prepared to put more effort and dedicate more time to the follow up and follow through of your prospects than your competition”. Ken explains that “most entrepreneurs have an idea they wish to execute but don’t understand the sales process that is behind generating traction for the future”, Ken says that “businesses, especially in the beginning need to primarily focus on how best to serve the desired outcome of the customer and, follow through by generating as many sales as possible”. However, Ken goes on to say that “you can’t have a business that succeeds truly into the future without a systemised marketing and sales process” which he says is where he comes in.

Ken’s understanding of business was not all formulated in his recent business experiences. Much of what Ken knows he says was formulated through his relationship with his father, who taught him the rudiments of laying the foundations of a successful business empire. He recalls how his dad gifted him the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” as a young kid in primary school and together with his siblings played “The Rat Race” game growing up. These small steps have been pivotal in shaping the future of young Ken as an entrepreneur and coach. Growing up with a dad who worked in the business realm was an amazing opportunity for him. It gave him all of those qualities that he now marks as essential and necessary to be successful: hunger, passion, motivation and ambition.

Ken says, “Business is the lifeblood of the modern economy.” In today’s modern society, the number of entrepreneurs have skyrocketed since the COVID pandemic with people seeking more autonomy of their time. He believes that we need to be doing more for our entrepreneurs who are on their journey. The problem with most people these days is that they do not see what goes into a successful endeavour which leaves them so ill-prepared when things go wrong. But, this doesn’t have to happen if you do your research beforehand, take some classes regarding entrepreneurship, marketing or business, or better yet invest in a coach or mentor you can generally avoid the pitfalls most entrepreneurs experience, Ken teaches us. Ken says that “when scaling or growing a business you have to pay particular attention to the critical facets to ensure that one day you become a success story instead of an entrepreneur statistic!”. Ken speaks about this through a dedicated 4-pronged research method in the first stage of his 4-Step Ascension Model.

Clarification: this is – Analysis of your – market, industry, competitors and customers. Ken says that, “most entrepreneurs focus on 1 or 2 items of what we cover inside the Clarification Phase, but not all 4”. He says “businesses need to establish their entities with minimal risk and maximum gain and that can only be done through understanding these 4 investigative areas”. Ken continues this discussion by talking on how to systematically test this to ensure when you go to market with a new product/service or offering whether it be a booming 8-figure business already or a new start-up, this needs to be performed to assess maximal success.

Ken then mentions that Validation is where you identify the return on investment and the demand of your offering. He says that in this stage “the goal is to identify if the market wants what you have or not?” Most of the time, Ken says the best way to identify this is through sales. He mentions that “there is some comparative maths that can be done at this level but for those wanting to try his method, a simple identification of what offer brings the greatest amount of interest/engagement or highest return of sales is the simplest way to determine if what you have is wanted”. Ken discusses that there is a series of ways to identify demand, but is far too detailed to relay within this article alone.

Following Validation, Ken speaks about Systemisation and Monetisation. He mentions “at these levels we are trying to create a repeatable and replicable process so that the business can operate independent of the manual, laborious demand and genius of the business owner”. Essentially Ken tells us that “Systemisation and Monetisation are the levels individuals want to get too so they can truly have autonomy of their time, create a business that is scalable and live their best lives”.

To learn more about Ken’s 4-Step Ascension Model™ he mentions you can head to www.kenblowfield.com or reach out to him directly on Instagram @ken.blowfield where he can walk you through how it can be applied specifically for your business.

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.