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How Malawi’s Youngest Entrepreneur Has Utilized Instagram To Take Over The Marketing Industry



Instagram has had a rock-solid grip on the social media marketing industry, especially since the global pandemic that rocked 2020. Since then businesses both big and small have flocked to the platform in order to increase their social media presence and online authority. Due to this factor those that saw the opportunity to help these businesses thrive on the platform have taken full advantage. One of the leading young entrepreneurs to do this has been Saif Tayub.

Saif Tayub has been able to work with hundreds of clients in order to scale their following and build their online credibility and authority without the headaches of a traditional marketing agency. Working directly with each and every one of his clients Saif Tayub has been able to take businesses from ground zero to hero with relative ease.

Recently we’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with Saif Tayub one-on-one in order to find out exactly what led him to his success and what he plans on doing next.

Interviewer: “How did you build prestige in your industry and business?”

Saif Tayub: “At a point where I was so confused in a bubble and there was a day where I read this book that I saw from Tai Lopez on Instagram (Managing oneself by Peter F Drucker). That’s where I believed that Sales and Instagram Marketing would be something I’d be great at. All I did from there which was easy is to find a mentor because it’s really important to learn from someone who has gone through all the obstacles and can teach you the ways for me to implement and be successful. And that’s where my journey in the Instagram marketing space began.”

Interviewer: “What makes you stand out in your industry?”

Saif Tayub: “What makes me stand out in this industry is that I have a habit of always connecting with people, reaching out to people first which everyone can do but I am someone who would refuse to do anything without adding value first. I always love to give first and not ask anything in return since the law of reciprocity indicates that once you keep giving someone will always give back.”

Interviewer: “What exactly is your business and what are you doing?”

Saif Tayub: “I specifically help people/businesses leverage their instagram accounts to gain more credibility and social presence through IG Growth, Press Articles. I also help businesses get more leads through outreach methods and account management. Not only on Instagram but also other social media platforms.”

Interviewer: “Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?”

Saif Tayub: “In the next 5 years I see myself a better man, a healthier man and most importantly a humble man. Impacting everyone’s life I connect with. But we will see what the future holds for me. Put the effort, mentally, spiritually and religiously than nothing can ever stop you.”

“For everyone who reads this, one more thing I’d like to say. To be successful! You don’t have to be the smartest, but the one who knows how to adapt in any environment they are in.

There is hope for everyone! Believe in yourself and it will become a habit!” – Saif Tayub

Wrapping up our time with Saif Tayub we got a chance to collect his contact information for you to follow him and his journey. You might also decide to take your Instagram from 0 followers to over 100,000+ with Saif. If you’d like to keep up to date with Saif you can follow his Instagram @growthbysaif.

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