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How Marc Kleinman Is Disrupting The Poker Industry.



Marc Kleinman has been a professional poker player for 17 years. He has played 3million hands on the internet and won every month for 12 years straight. Kleinman has played a total of 15k hours in casinos.

Standing Out In The Industry

Marc made a name for himself in the poker industry back in 2017 when he started making viral poker content. His content that had gone viral helped him get recognized and people were able to discover him easier. People quickly noticed his skills and became intrigued with his content. As he gained more followers and watchers, it allowed him to get more recognition and helped his other content go more viral. 

Overcoming obstacles 

Marc was able to conquer these obstacles by becoming much better at poker, as well as having the advantage over other professional players. These obstacles were hard for him because it required insight to learn how to overcome them, though he did manage to get past them. Overcoming these obstacles helped him a lot as it is a very critical point when it comes to poker. 

Successful tips

One of Marc’s tips for successful habits is to set goals. He has found that setting goals tends to help others, and himself, stay motivated to continue moving towards their goal. Kleinman’s next tip is to stay focused on the prize. This allows one to not get sidetracked from the goal, giving one a sense of motivation.

Uniqueness within the industry 

What makes Marc so different within the industry of other professional players is his work ethic. He has put long hours in and plays 70-80hour work weeks if possible. His extremely strong work ethic allows him to take his poker games seriously, as well as all the time he puts in. 

Continuing to grow & succeed

Marc will continue to succeed because he strongly believes he has the blueprint for success, he also believes in destiny. He knows this will allow him to grow and his confidence gives him courage.


In conclusion, Marc has a ton of experience when it comes to poker. His skills came from dedication and long hours, not luck. He has gotten very far in the poker industry and even went viral for his poker content. He’s someone that does not give up and knows how to work his way through life with confidence. 

To learn more about Marc Kleinman follow him on instagram here.

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