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How Matt Shields Built 4 Six Figure Marketing Agencies at Just 19



Matt Shields is a 19-year-old entrepreneur from Charlotte. He runs a company that specializes in helping marketing agencies to get their clients unheard results. Matt is also a partner of the SMMA Fulfilment which focuses on helping agency owners close deals through their own paid advertisements. Matt has worked for where he is today. He has been able to make over $200,000 in sales in two years. Matt’s biggest accomplishment is building 4 six-figure agencies as a teenager. Building three marketing agencies to six-figure he says, “as grateful as I am to have achieved that, my favourite part about this entire journey has been working with amazing fitness brands like 9Round, Snap Fitness, Fit Body Boot Camp, F45, Crunch Fitness, Gym Guyz, Stretch Lab, Row House.”

The secret behind Matt’s success

Matt used to put in the hours and became obsessed with

learning and practised his skills as often as possible. “Hustle culture is a polarizing subject in the entrepreneurial industry, and there are some good reasons behind that, but when you’re first starting if you’re not putting in the work and becoming obsessed with your craft, you’re going to get beat by someone else who is. If you truly dedicate yourself to what you’re doing, you are almost guaranteed to succeed in some way”, Matt stated. One thing Matt is proud of is networking and meeting people in the place he wanted to be in and learning from them. “The fastest path to success is copying the already successful. The trick is don’t forget to keep innovating, copying. alone creates saturation, but innovation creates constant improvement.”

Obstacles faced by Matt

Success didn’t come easy to him. He made $0 in his first 4 months in business. He also thought of giving up many times It took him countless hours each day to build up multiple agencies to $20k per month.

A piece of advice by Matt

Matt says, “If you truly focus on getting your clients’ amazing results, everything else will become easier. Selling is easy when you are confident in your service. Selling your vision to new employees and top talent is easy when you believe in what your company is doing.”

Here is what Matt looks forward to

Matt wants to help people who struggle with mental problems like anxiety and depression. “Life’s too short to struggle the whole time, once I crack the code, I want to share it with as many people as possible.”

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