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How Milton “Todd” Ault III made a name for himself



Todd Ault is an attentive husband and father. He’s also a premier entrepreneur known for his  investment in Patient Safety Technologies, which sold to Stryker for nine figures, as well as his recent takeover of the investment firm DPW digital power in 2016.  

Although realizing huge sums of money sounds like a life anyone would want, it comes with an  incredible amount of responsibility. With that responsibility comes – stress.  

Ault On Overcoming Obstacles  

Ault has overcome many setbacks, both personally and professionally. In his early life his hurdles ranged from being raised by a single mother with little financial stability while battling  dyslexia, to having to drop out of college in order to help support his family.  

Although life’s necessities never came easy, many individuals did help Ault along the way.  Multiple sales-savvy managers recognized Ault’s natural gifts, and he was offered countless  sales job opportunities where he would excel. 

Overcoming obstacles  

Ault’s way of overcoming adversity was to never give up. Even today, he allows 15-20  minutes to focus on an obstacle. After that, he doesn’t think about the issue anymore. He can’t,  he’s too busy taking action. He also strongly believes in getting a personal or professional  coach. Ault believes not over-stressing on current issues, as well as seeking help from a  professional when needed is key. 

Making a name in the industry  

There are countless ways to make a name for yourself on Wall Street. For Ault it is in very small segment known as “small caps.” 

“In the small cap world there are not a lot of us. We all tend to know each other.” Ault  added.  

Uniqueness within the industry  

In a market that is typically overlooked, standing out becomes important when it comes  to success. What makes Todd unique is that he never gives up. If he believes in something he  will stick with it until the end and rarely compromises his belief in a deal. 

Ault is also a mentor. Although Todd is a fierce competitor, he is quick to help with  someone else’s dream. He enjoys benefiting others without benefiting himself. Ault is a  businessman with a huge heart and he genuinely enjoys helping others. He’s determined that  he will never let himself forget where he came from, and he willingly offers the support he never  experienced when he first started.

To learn more about Todd Ault & follow his journey, follow him on Instagram Here.

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