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How Mohd Salem is setting the trend for Gamers on YouTube



Gaming has evolved from handsets to digital consoles to today’s trend of digital platforms. People love to cheer for online gaming sessions that have a gripping effect on the audience. Thanks to the explosive development of technology and digital space, online gamers are now able to convert their passion into a full-time profession. Mohd Salem is a popular gamer on YouTube known for his gaming platform ASMR eSports. Like all professional gamers, Salem has ventured into the digital platform to pursue his passion as a career.

He soon encountered the challenges every creator faces on digital platforms. There was steep competition, fast-changing trends, and criticism. He started his YouTube channel just to follow his passion but gradually evolved as a professional gamer, setting trends for others. Salem was always fascinated by games. He loved gaming from a very young age and the interest only grew with time, leading him to mold it into a career.

When he launched his channel ASMR eSports, he wanted to set it apart from the competition. He wanted to present his audience with something new and exciting that would have long-lasting value on the internet. After much hard work and research, he was able to come up with innovative ideas.

Salem noticed competitive sports are all the rage, so he decided to do it with a twist. He started conducting gaming championships in his channel where he also involved other gamers on YouTube. This has widened the reach of his channel as his videos got featured on other gaming platforms. Salem was also able to intensify the thrill of competitive sports.

He always wanted to hold the attention of his audience throughout the gaming session. To add to the thrill of the championship session, he introduced a reward for the winner. Through this method, he successfully kept the audience hooked to his gaming platform.

Salem always features the most recently launched games on his gaming platform. This helps him to keep up with all the hype that is created with a new game in the market and also grabs the attention of people who want to explore new games.

To increase audience involvement, Salem introduced more interactive sessions in his gaming platform. This has earned a lot of appreciation for his effort on ASMR eSports.  His audience feels more intrigued by his content and he can connect with them better.

Salem is an inspiration for many who want to pursue their passion as a career. He has proved that creativity and hard work can lead to success, but talent and brilliance are needed to be able to achieve the goal.

Salem believes the digital space will offer more opportunities for gamers in the coming years. He wants to continue his career as a professional gamer with ASMR eSports. He is hoping to explore all upcoming opportunities in the digital space to grow his passion and career. He wants to inspire other aspiring creators to showcase their talent without being afraid of the challenges.

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