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How One Panama-Based Entrepreneur is Paving the Way for Holistic and Wellness Entrepreneurs



After making the seemingly crazy decision to leave a stable expat corporate job in Europe, relocate to the tropics of Central America, and pursue a position as a business consultant for the Adidas Group, Ingrid soon found herself drawn intensely to pursuing her passions into the holistic wellness space.

The Self Discovery Journey

While dedicating much of her time and energy to focusing on her own inner journey, exploring everything from self-development and discovery to spirituality, Ingrid also decided to make a shift from working as a yoga and movement instructor, to being a videographer and content creator.

The opportunity to connect with the Wellness Entrepreneurs in Central America

The new position allowed her to partner with many unique clients within the wellness industry, and she soon found herself spending countless months traveling and exploring throughout Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Panama observing the businesses of the modern holistic entrepreneurs along the way.

Throughout this experience, Ingrid continued to notice that many of the holistic professionals she met – spiritual guides, wellness coaches, and holistic therapists to name a few – were highly talented, naturally gifted, multi-passionate, and multi-faceted individuals. 

Many of them possessed 5 or more certifications in their field but were still not experiencing the success they desired.

The gap and the Motivation

Ingrid realized quickly that these powerful and inspirational individuals were so hyper-focused on creating quality engaging content for their business, that they often lacked the integral foundation and balanced alignment of creating a business while still fulfilling their purpose.

Many of these individuals were struggling so badly with burnout, that they were giving up on themselves and their dreams, unconsciously self-sabotaging their own professional projects and future success.

When she realized that this missing piece, something she saw so clearly, was holding so many holistic wellness entrepreneurs back from reaching their full potential, Ingrid knew something had to be done.

She made the decision to leave her corporate position and fully dedicate herself to the cause. 

The Mission 

Her mission became helping these wellness and holistic entrepreneurs she’d met, overcome this misalignment, empowering and guiding them to activate and embody all of their gifts, to co-create a thriving business with no excuses, to build an irresistible and authentic brand, to enable them to experience financial abundance, and to continue co-creating, expanding, and making a positive impact on the world.

Beginning with a focus on basic mindset work, Ingrid now spends her days supporting, empowering, and encouraging other female wellness entrepreneurs through mentorships and coaching sessions, as well as strategy and consulting services, assisting them in developing stronger, sustainable and irresistible brands, in alignment with the unique services they provide.

By tapping into her previous experience as a content creator, Ingrid’s eye for design allows her to provide each of her exceptional clients with irresistible visual imagery in-line with their brand, while also partnering with them to develop a plan for the management of their business, and how to ensure they’re living their purpose while also balancing the necessary tasks to achieve financial success. 

Ingrid Del Pilar is the Founder of Hello CoCreator, a Brand Agency and Educational Platform based in the tropics of Panama. As a Holistic Business Coach, Ingrid partners with multi-faceted coaches and mentors, offering intensive branding, business coaching, web design, and custom 1:1 programs. To learn more about Ingrid and Hello CoCreator, follow her on IG @ hellococreator, or visit her website at 

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