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How One Real Estate Mogul, John Lajara, is Leveraging His Experience to Manage a Fitness and Nutrition Program



Every entrepreneur knows the pull to constantly foray into new markets, test the waters, and develop new innovations that leave the world better than they found it. They wouldn’t be an entrepreneur and industry mover-and-shaker if they didn’t come with this innate spark and desire to do something new and different, pushing boundaries and overcoming obstacles.

This couldn’t be truer for real estate mogul and manager from New York, John Lajara. Having been in the industry for over 10-years, Lajara has his business down to a science; he knows that the biggest deals are made through genuine, human connection. With a platform that is designed to minimize margins of error and avoid setbacks during every transaction, Lajara builds long-term relationships with stakeholders, attorneys, and other realtors who share in his passion, adding them to his burgeoning team. 

Naturally, along the way, Lajara felt inspired to use his experience and expertise in launching another tangentially relevant business: one centered on nutrition and fitness. 

“People don’t realize that nutrition and fitness are the habitual foundations for a successful, healthy, and focused professional life,” said Lajara. “It all goes hand-in-hand. If we ignore our long-term health, our bodies will start to deteriorate, impacting our natural productivity. Therefore, ignoring our fitness and nutrition commitments today can have lasting impacts tomorrow. I don’t want that to be the case for everyone.”

World-Class Work Starts with Habits

Lajara has been working in offices for years, managing a team of real estate agents who effectively deliver guidance to the community in which they serve. Working with some of the most cut-throat markets in the world, like Upper Manhattan, the Bronx, and Westchester, Lajara has had to sacrifice his personal health to land the title of one of America’s Top 100 Agents, Top 10 Realtors in all of NY and the #1 Hispanic Realtor in Downstate NY.

At this point in his life, he’s ready to spread the word on the importance of personal health investment through his program: MAKRO Fitness and Nutrition. The company provides premium fitness programs and precise nutrition planning that help busy professionals get into elite shape. The programs aim to promote practical and effective daily fitness scheduling for busy professionals who don’t often have the ‘time’ to work out.

“I used to make excuses and tell myself I just didn’t have the time to work out or care about what I was eating,” said Lajara. “I was wrong. What I choose to put into my body has a direct impact on my productivity as a realtor, and more importantly, as a business owner. I want to share this newfound awareness with professionals everywhere and encourage them to put their health first in 2021.”

Lajara is managing MAKRO Fitness and Nutrition with his business partner, Ryan Maldonado. They are working in tandem to manage the next premiere fitness business that offers world-class fitness like no other competitor. “It all starts with a productive and healthy foundation,” concluded Lajara. 

For more information about Lajara’s real estate business, visit here.

To follow his entrepreneurial journey online, visit here

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