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How Salvatore D’Amelio Disrupted His Industry & Made a Name For Himself.



Salvatore D’Amelio is a 37-year-old Italian entrepreneur who in 10 years of activity has 3 international brands: MINIMAL, MAKE MONEY NOT FRIENDS, THE FUTURE and a successful sneakers store DROP LIST.

Making a name in the industry 

In order for Salvatore to make a name for himself in the industry, he had to work hard, which also helped him pursue his dream. Day and night, he led his team. After 4 years of the release of his brand MINIMAL, it BLEW up and everyone he met on the street was wearing a look from his brand. He states how the greatest satisfaction you could get is seeing people wear your brand. 

Obstacles faced 

One of the most difficult obstacles that entrepreneurs encounter is the technical field, but this just so happened to be in Salvatores strong suit. D’Amelio’s very strong creativity and passion for work has always given him the turning point and advantage to obstacles. D’Amelio adds on how the hardest obstacle is to coordinate your team and to make sure that they always believe in your dreams, as well as in your vision. Finding those trustworthy and loyal people is never easy, but they are still very much needed in life.

Overcoming obstacles 

D’Amelio overcame these obstacles he faced because he stays constantly updated and his formats are so exclusive. He certainly does not follow any trends, he then states that he is the trend setter. Salvatore is aware that this is his strong suit, he is the leader, not a follower. He strives off knowing this and continues to advance forward in his life and career. 

Uniqueness within the industry

What makes Salvatore unique within the industry if the fact he strictly makes clothes that he loves to wear himself. He states “My brands are the mirror of what I love”, showing that he truly feels passionate over his brands and puts in the effort for them. He always does his job with love, rather than for the money, which is an amazing quality. D’Amelio is aware that this is his strength and others believe in him, earning their trust and courage. 

In conclusion Salvatores love and passion for his brands are very looked up upon, as he never is doing it for the money. He makes clothing that is his personal style and stays true to it, never straying away from himself or his identity. His mentality and confidence helped bring him to where he is today, he never lets himself forget his own personal worth. 

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