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How Saying ‘Yes’ To Opportunity Led To Jason Nemes’ Success As A Health And Wellness Coach



Jason Nemes, a 36-year-old Dallas native, is a health and wellness coach who has been involved in the health industry by helping others live a healthier lifestyle or fulfill their fitness goals. 

He started eight years ago but at year number three is where he managed to earn six figures per year. Now, Jason is a top 1% income earner. 

Aside from earning significant figures, Jason has also been invited to speak all over the world. He goes by the name “tattedprezzz” and it is this level of recognition that lets him know that he has made it to the top.

“Some of these countries I’ve spoken to are France, Belgium, France, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, and I have even spoken for Australia a couple times. I’m focused on helping others achieve their dreams,” Jason said. 

All this wouldn’t have been possible if he hadn’t taken up the opportunity that his friend presented. 

A Fateful Run In 

Jason has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Economics from the University of North Texas. He later started in the corporate world selling digital media advertising. 

“I quickly realized that wasn’t for me. I ran into my buddy after college whom I consistently said no to in regards to an opportunity. This time, I was able to see his house and cars and was extremely inspired,” he shared. 

Seeing the numerous benefits, Jason decided to give it a shot. He shared that he’s always had a passion for fitness and clearly, the business worked so he dove right in. 

“Get in the best shape of my life, make great money, help others do the same, build a legacy, and travel the world all sounded great to me,” Jason quipped. 

It helped that this friend of his believed in Jason when he didn’t believe in himself. 

Using His Passion To Help Others 

“My passion for fitness has always been my major. I took that passion and got involved with the industry and now I’m generating millions of dollars in sales by helping lots of people get fit and increase their bank accounts,” Jason said. 

He helps anyone who is looking for results. This includes anyone wanting to gain muscle, cut fat, lose weight, live a healthy and active lifestyle, and even those who want to make good money. 

“I know firsthand what it takes to build something from nothing but a vision and can help anyone willing to be coachable and go to work to do the same,” the health and wellness coach said. 

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