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How The ONE Platform Cracked the Code to Effective and Long-Term Weight Loss for Women



Weight loss is one of those topics we’d rather not discuss, yet it’s in the back of just about every person’s mind. More than half of the population, at any given time, is thinking about a diet or fitness regime change that will create a leaner result. It’s safe to say that just about every person on the planet wants to feel fit, healthy, and empowered. We all want to live longer for our families, right?

The problem is that the weight loss industry is marred by fraudulent companies with fake supplements that make these big, ineffective promises. We’re told that weight loss can be achieved quickly and easily by doing just one or two things. These marketing campaigns have us convinced that weight loss is a surface-level, easy thing to fix. That there isn’t more depth to it.

Weight Loss Starts in Your Mind

In reality, weight loss is a symptom of something much bigger and much deeper, buried within our mindsets. In order to both lose weight and keep it off, we have to go into our subconscious and review the very programming that controls our lives without us even realizing it. Our mindset lodged within our brains is what is actually contributing to our weight gain, loss, or fluctuations.

The problem is that fixing mindsets isn’t easy or quick. Therefore, it’s left out of the conversation by these fake health companies with big marketing gimmicks. Even worse, when it comes to the female body and natural menstruation cycle, that topic of ‘periods’ is neglected and preferably left off of every landing page online.

Proudly Embracing Menstruation
That is, until the ONE Guys decided to do something about it. Understanding that menstruation has a huge impact on weight loss for women, the ONE Guys teamed up to create a Weight Loss Academy that is aimed specifically at menstruation and its impact on weight loss. Discussing things like cravings, lack of motivation, and psychological changes that shift mindsets and moods, the Weight Loss Academy is aimed at helping women anticipate and prepare for these menstruation side effects that can make it hard for them to lose weight.

“Weight loss companies rarely – if ever – talk about the female cycle and how that can make weight loss hard for women,” said Hayden. “We disagree. We believe by working in tandem with these natural cycles, women can better curate a health schedule that works for them and their bodies. We aren’t afraid to go into the psychological element of it all, addressing the root problem for sustainable results.”

The Weight Loss Academy is not a quick-fix nutrition company. They are a platform founded on education, helping women to create the body of their dreams while also sustaining hard-earned results in the long-term. The platform includes a hybrid of 1-1 online coaching with an in-depth educational course that teaches women how to become self-sufficient. Every woman possesses what she needs to obtain her dream body.

To date, the ONE Guys have helped over 30,000 women transform their bodies and gain confidence in the way they look and feel. 

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