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How the Queen of Confidence Earned Her Crown



Confidence building queen, Raj Girn, hasn’t always had it easy. Her confidence didn’t come naturally but, instead, she earned it through adversity in her life. Now, she owns her own media company and is helping others find their confidence along the way.


This multi-award-winning media veteran came from a domestic violence environment and was coerced into an arranged marriage that lasted for 10 years. After her divorce, she became a single mother to her 5-year-old son. Longing to find direction, she developed her media company that same year to find herself.


“During hardships, I found myself wanting to find a community where I could speak up and be myself,” Raj says. “After getting out of that situation, I looked back and not only wanted that community, but wanted to help others in the same situation.”


Anokhi Life, formerly known as Anokhi Media, was established to provide this type of community for others. Through media, events, e-marketing and social communities, Raj continues to bring confidence building to the South Asian community. With successful campaigns targeting A-list celebrities, media, and the public in interactive ways, this once tiny media company has become a global force.


“I went from not knowing how to write a bank check because I was always looked after, whether it be by my parents or my husband, to having Jennifer Lopez on the cover of my second print magazine in the same year,” Raj says.


Anokhi Life now consists of seven sub-brands including Anokhi Magazine, which is an extensive online blog and community focusing on pop culture, lifestyle and entertainment; The Anokhi Prestige Experience, providing a live seminar series; and multiple other video series.’


In addition to Anokhi Life, Raj has also developed the Open Chest brand. This brand consists of Open Chest with Raj Girn, a long-running celebrity interview collective where she interviews personalities such as Kim Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra and more. It also includes The Open Chest Confidence Academy, a boutique coaching business focusing on building confidence and sustainable transformation for individuals.


“My goal is to build leaders not followers,” Raj says. “I focus on quality over quantity. I work with companies, brands, and individuals who want to build authentic authority, real credibility, and advocacy culture for themselves, their employees, their clients, and communities they work and live in. If we don’t consider what we do and how it affects everyone within the ecosystem, then someone will be on the negative receiving end, and achievement at the expense of someone is not real success. If you can figure out how everyone wins, you are a true leader. That’s what I help people in positions of leadership do.”


Through the coaching academy, Raj has taken her efforts to develop a supportive community one step further, working predominantly with busy executives and entrepreneurs. Her proprietary 11-step system, called The Open Chest Confidence Method, gives those in leadership positions the knowledge, action, and accountability to cultivate meaningful and sustainable relationships. These relationships can lead to a more fulfilled workforce, that in turn, will result in optimized productivity and an increase to the bottom line.


“After 30 years in the entrepreneurial arena, with 20 of them being in C-suite as a media, communications, and events entrepreneur, where I have predominantly worked with Fortune 500s, celebrities, thought leaders, and high achievers, I have come to realize that there are two, very simple characteristics that make for a great leader,” Raj says. “These are the ability to stay connected with everyone and the ability to connect everyone. These two characteristics can be learned and perfected no matter who you are, where you come from, or where you want to go, so long as you have the correct knowledge, action, and accountability formula, that’s needed to sustain the transformation once it is achieved. Sustainable transformation is accessible to anyone who is ready to reprogram their mind, body, heart, and/or soul.”


Through this new professional development platform at The Open Chest Confidence Academy, Raj continues to uplift those around her by helping turn insecurities into confidence. As her entire career was born and cultivated out of acute insecurity and identity crisis as a BIPOC woman, Raj knows what it takes to leverage the negative to her advantage and turn it into success, by honing into visualizing and activating a growth mindset. She continues to teach these methods of rebirth and growth to others, in order to help individuals reach their desired confidence-centric transformations.


For more information about Raj Girn, Anokhi Life, The Open Chest Confidence Academy, and her revolutionary confidence building techniques, please visit her website.

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