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How This Female CEO Helps Business Owners Improve Their Credit Scores and Win Funding Through Her 90-Day Wealth Plan Program



When it comes to helping business-owners win the funding they need, Anetra Smalls, CEO of Merit Credit Solutions, knows exactly what to do to help you and your business grow beyond numbers.

Establishing generational wealth through ownership is one of the major reasons why Smalls constructed Merit Credit Solutions. Her leading goal is to see more legitimize minority-owned businesses thrive. “There is a significant wealth gap in our society due to the lack of ownership for minority families. In order for minority groups to overcome this issue we must own something, or have the information on how to own something, like a business. Credit is just something that you leverage, but a business is something that you can own and pass down as generational wealth,” the Female Entrepreneur explains, “Many people have an idea of how they want to build their businesses but not enough information on how to apply their ideas properly.” 

This revelation alongside her own experience with bad credit has propelled her to build a 90-day wealth plan program that is dedicated to educating and helping her clients improve their credit score. Within her 90-day program, Smalls and her team would help their clients properly structure their businesses, build their credit report for their business, and learn about the different tiers of credit. Within the 90 days, clients would also get lines of credit, and certifications for minority-owned businesses that would set them apart from other companies that are out there. Smalls aims for her clients to be able to qualify for at least $50,000 in funding by the end of the program. 

Smalls revealed that she has been in the industry for the last nine years and had just recently pivot to focus more on the growth of businesses since the pandemic hits, “More people are sending me messages because they need help recovering their businesses,” the CEO shared, “I think now is the time where people are thinking more about their livelihood and have the time to soak education so I’m hoping to help a lot of businesses expand with this program.”

What definitely makes the 90 Wealth Plan Program unique is the education aspect of it. Smalls and her team are committed to help her clients grow beyond numbers as she holds a coaching call once a week through zoom meetings and other digital platforms. Through the meetings, she provides a done-with-you program, to ensure that her clients are grasping the financial information she provides and a monthly meet and greet for networking purposes for every client that completes her program, “I used to hold these sessions in-person every Friday evening and Saturday in either Charleston or Atlanta, which have been held virtually since the pandemic hits,” Smalls explained, “I think that meet and greets are very vital to keep because I strongly believe that network is your net worth.” 

Three major tips that Smalls would love to forward to anyone who are looking to improve their credit scores are:

  1. Be honest with your spending. 
  2. Pay yourself first. Your bills come each month whether you have the money or not.
  3. Write and keep track of your financial reports. 

To learn more about Anetra Smalls and Merit Credit Solutions, click the links below!



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