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Life coaching is no easy job. You can only succeed in this trade if you can lead by example. That example needs to be personal, experience-based, and motivational. Paul Redding is a young, inspirational life coach who went through the crucible of tough childhood years encumbered with day-to-day survival needs and ensuing psychological stress. Raised in a tough and scary neighborhood, he saw how hard his parents had to work to make both ends meet. At one point, Paul thought he just had to work hard or, to be more precise, to work harder than his parents to be successful. 

At 18, he got involved in the automotive industry and started putting in long and exhausting hours in a rat race that seemed to be bringing even greater stress and exhaustion than the expected wealth and peace of mind. Paul turned out to be walking on a knife-edge, with his marriage hanging in the balance and his life hitting rock bottom. Paul considered committing suicide. 

Then came a revelation that turned his life upside down. Paul happened to watch eye-opening content by Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and Jim Rohn. What followed was a massive shift in his self-awareness—a shift in his mindset! Paul came to understand that the problem was not in the things he either worked on or grappled with. The problem was to be found in his own mind, in the way he suppressed his potential by settling for the vicious cycle of mundane and unrewarding chores. 

Paul realized that abundance does not necessarily mean material wealth but rather a combination of financial, psychological, physiological, and spiritual factors that one can only achieve with the right mindset or the “right paradigm,” as Paul puts it. With these “you can achieve anything,” he goes on to say. Paul realized that it is time had come to get out of his comfort zone, try something new, and commit his life and career to something he felt passionate about, something that would pave the way for his personal growth and unleash his human and professional potential. 

He ended up investing $70,000 in his own development (books, classes, courses, etc.). Paul embarked on a new and exciting journey as he decided to become a life coach. The biggest lesson he learned was that he needed to build a strong understanding of energy, his paradigm, and the connection to his higher spiritual form in order to seize the opportunities life had to offer. In doing so, Paul came to grips with the purpose of his life, embracing his passion for the career of a life coach, i.e. one who helps others find their life purposes too.  

Today, Paul is a first-rate Spiritual Life Coach and entrepreneur who has made $280,000 AUD through his real estate and business affiliations this financial year. He is an exceptional professional who brings to the table a rare combination of charisma and skill-based on real-life experiences, passion for his job, and deep insights into how to unleash the potential in every individual struggling with day-to-day challenges.

“The goal of coaching is to increase self-awareness and accountability. With the help of mindfulness, involvement increases, as well as the ability to assimilate new knowledge and skills. The end goal is pure consciousness, which equips a person with self-respect, confidence, and motivation”, Paul tells us.

If the path you’re on right now feels wrong, visit Paul’s official website at  to begin your spiritual transformation.

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