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How to Get Inactive Instagram Handles: A Quick Guide



Doesn’t everyone want to be Insta-Famous? Here’s how you can take the fast track to success.

Instagram is an intelligent beast, but only if you use it the right way. Every day, they see thousands of new users upload millions of new photos – and all of them with the same goal. They want to make it big using Instagram.

In a world where everyone has the same goal, how do you stand out? How do you set you and your brand apart from all the other thousands upon thousands of subscribers? 

If you have made it to this article, then you are already on the right track.

Your Name is a Key Element of Online Fame

At the top of the list is the username people identify you with. Being recognizable across all social media platforms by that same tag is necessary if you don’t want to lose followers when you cross over.

What’s in a name? A quick internet search gives you a thousand articles on the importance of branding to your business. Scientifically speaking, it is the first thing a consumer notices about your business – and if your business is yourself, the name has to be as flawless as the IG pics. 

A spokesperson from the leading digital agency Fresh Engagements advised us that your (brand) name is crucial if you want to be famous online. Worse: they pointed out that trying to source a brand name on Instagram that hasn’t been taken is like hunting down the proverbial needle in a social-media-shaped haystack… and nobody disagrees. 

So how do you get the 8% of all Instagram handles which are inactive? Let’s talk branding, IG, and making sure you get the name you deserve.

How to Get an Inactive Handle

First: send a DM to the person that has the handle and see if they respond. In some cases, the user will respond to say that they intend to use it or that you can have it. If this doesn’t get you the @ you want, move on to stage two.

Secondly: when/if nobody responds to your message, the second step is to approach Instagram themselves. Email their support team and ask if you can have the handle. You may have to wait for an answer, but it might be effective.

Thirdly: If you can’t get the handle from the person who owns it, and you can’t get the hold from Instagram, it might be time to go to option 3: the workaround. 

Your brand doesn’t suffer too severely from an underscore, full stop, or dash between the words. It might make it confusing for clients if there are lots of you with a similar handle, so in this case, create your profile picture pop, so they all know it’s you.

What about Trademarking?

If you don’t want a workaround and the other methods haven’t worked, you may need to consider a new name. If you’re determined enough, though, you could get the name trademarked, then appeal to Instagram with the trademark to prove it’s yours. If the account is inactive, IG will have no choice but to give up the handle.

That’s a long way to go for a brand name… but it might be worth it. After all, what’s in a word, right?

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