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How To Live A Positive And Happy Life



Life is tough, competitive and it seems we have to hustle more to be normal. The prices of things that are supposed to make people’s lives comfortable are increasing, whether it is health care, housing, or regular necessities. It is difficult and stressful to keep up with the growing world.

Whatever we do, our end goal is a happy life. The stress of work, financial crisis, negative thoughts, and various other factors may cause damage to life physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

I am also one of the people who faced financial crises, loss of loved ones and was covered with negative thoughts during the recent years. To be vulnerable was never an option, and I found my ways to continue living a positive and happy life. For the people who are still in grief and looking for ways to live a life filled with light, these simple tips might help. 

Have support 

Many people feel judged when they share their thoughts and emotions with others. When we are able to break this mental barrier and receive advice/ support from loved ones, it motivates individuals to do something that will bring positivity. In my case, having support from my wife, parents and relatives boosted my confidence. They being around made me feel safe and inspired. 

Rewrite the mind

Negativity is not an uncommon thing in human life. Our brain likes comfort and starts to produce negativity and blockage whenever we try to do something that is out of our comfort zone. Rewriting the mindset is an essential thing to attract positivity in life. I have been meditating for quite a long time now and have trained my mind to focus on something strongly. But when negative thoughts surround us, it is difficult to make mediation a regular practice. We need additional exercises and tools in combination. Together with mediation, we should practice in another way that will maximize the result. Every morning and before sleeping, I used to write positive thoughts so that my fear and negative belief would go away. Working on the subconscious mind by meditation and writing positive affirmation has been another great way towards a positive and happy life.

Connecting with nature

Living in the moment together with nature enhances positivity and brings unexplainable happiness. Nature has numerous healing effects, and being in nature is one of the best ways to become aware of ourselves. I not only hiked frequently in the mountains but also became a vegetarian. Regularly eating fresh and green vegetables has benefited vastly to health, better connection with nature, unblocked energies, and brought extreme positivity. 

There are many ways that can provide some help for bringing positivity and creating a happy life. These are a couple of things I used to do and still practice to receive prolonged happiness. If, due to the pandemic, you are losing motivation and inspiration, try mindfulness meditation, surround yourself with the people who care about you, and regularly connect with nature. If you think you are in serious need of help, please consult an expert doctor as soon as possible.

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