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How to prepare an Effective Media List



Public Relations (PR) as been known by many people today as modern age advertising solution because through PR, one could reach out specifically into their target audience thru different types of media like print/written press releases or TV appearances which helps them

What Is A Media List?

To start, a media list is basically just tracking down the various publications and outlets that are more likely to share your story. These can include major local newspapers or magazines in addition to blogs from around the world – it all depends on what you’re looking for! The initial step towards getting featured on these venues is preparing an effective media list. Let’s learn how with this article about five tips for making sure yours has everything needed so we have some ideas of where to begin when building our own lists!

PR Agencies and Media Lists

It can be tough to get your name out there, but if you know the right people and have a solid marketing strategy in place PR agencies are here for you. They’re equipped with all sorts of software and experts that will create articles about your brand tailored specifically to what’s happening so it’s sure not go unnoticed! Whether its an upcoming album or book release these professionals will help make headlines.

Public relations is how artists like Adele connect with their fans on such an intimate level – she even talks into her microphone before performing live just as we do when talking because they always need our story ́this personal connection might seem weird at first glance but understand that this really is one-on-one communication between artist and audience

If you are a too-busy person or brand looking for professional branding with a good budget, it’s definitely worth investing in hiring one. If you’re interested in working with a PR expert you can try MyStory Public Relations, They have plenty of experience and can offer an affordable price point. You can check their plans and pricing by registering on their media portal by clicking here.

How To Build Your Own Media List

However, if you’re a person or business just starting your journey with the lowest of budgets it would be tough for you to break into this market. That’s why I recommend that beginning entrepreneurs start making their own list first. Fortunately creating one is possible!

1. Find Sources Relevant to your Niche

As much as everybody wants to say they were able to get on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine, most people are not reading it. The point is that if you want your product or service in front of those who need it without spending a fortune and still be successful at marketing then finding media outlets with an audience similar to yours makes sense.

As amazing as getting on the cover would be for any business owner, especially one trying their bests seek out new customers through advertising – targeting niche markets has proven more effective since this approach can generate sales from customer segments usually ignored by traditional publications like Entrepreneur!

2. Find the Right Contact

In order to find the perfect media outlet for your content, you need to first research a few that fall into this category. Find articles from these outlets and analyze them so you can get an idea of their writing style.

If at all possible, try contacting reporters or editors in charge of those specific sections before submitting any work for publication on one of these sites because it will be easier than having someone else do it after they publish your article or blog post without permission

You might not know it, but the media outlets you’re reading today are actually giving your brand its best chance of reaching out to new customers. The key is understanding that different writers have needs and interests unique from one another. For example, a food blogger won’t be interested in writing about musicians – so make sure that when you find an article on their outlet with potential for coverage by your company or organization, there’s someone assigned as author who will take notice!

3. Organize your Information

Think of your contact list as a one-stop shop for all media related information. Create two lists that can be sorted and filtered, depending on the person you are contacting or their outlet type: Bloggers vs Magazine Journalists. You might need different contacts within each category to reach out with specific requests – such as bloggers who only write about food in New York City.

Our Media List Template is a great way to plan your marketing campaign and save you time. It includes everything that you need from social media posts, ad copy, graphics for post promotion & more! Download it now so when the right moment comes in your business’s life cycle – boom- no worries about planning or content creation!

Download the Media List Template from Google Sheets by clicking here.

Should you buy or build a media contacts list?

Many people try to cut straight to the chase by buying a ready media contact list but there are many downfalls. While it does have some merit, you will not be able to customize your own and is more expensive than building one yourself or using an automated system like email marketing software. Different sites sell lists that range in price from $20-$2000 depending on what kind of contacts they have–for example, Entrepreneur magazine would cost much more then vents magazines do because they are considered higher profile outlets for them which can help with exposure.

Media List Building Tools

If you don’t know how you are gonna search the information to input in your media list you going nowhere. Don’t get stuck without the information you need to add your media list. You can use these tools for planning and inputting!

How to find Media Contacts

  • LinkedIn (Free)
  • Twitter (Free)
  • Muck Rack (Estimated to be around $5000/yr)
  • JournoLink
  • Hey Press
  • PressRush
  • Anewstip

Tools for finding media outlets, publications and blogs

  • Google (Free)
  • Google News (Free)
  • SEMRush (From $99/mo)
  • Ahrefs (Free* or from $99/mo)
  • Similarweb

Tools for finding emails of the people you want to pitch

  • Anymailfinder
  • Voilanorbert
  • Prowly
  • Muck Rack
  • Anewstip

Make Sure to Maintain Media Relations

A carefully created media contact list is a valuable asset for years to come. With this in mind, it’s important that you build relationships with the people on your lists and treat them like real human beings rather than just someone who needs to be pitched something they might write about. Remembering these things will make getting press coverage easier in the future because of how we’ve established ourselves as trustworthy sources at MyStory Public Relations. You can even get guarenteed media placement without pitching anyone from them. Book a free consultation with them by clicking here.

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