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How Top Global Investors Help Cleantech Startups for Market Exposure



(Singapore, March 10, 2021) Top global investors gathered in EX Venture Night North America’s last February 25, 2021. They attended to advise 15 American-based clean technology (“cleantech”) startups pitching for market exposure and eventually create market traction. Upon their favorites, three companies, Ampaire, 2S Water, and Kraftwerk came out as selected winners. They had successfully passed EX Venture’s competitive screening process, and selected as winners in a mixed audience and expert vote.

These industry professionals hailed from international corporations of different industries. Some of the notable ones came from the backgrounds of clean energy, technology, finance and banking, oil and gas, venture capitals, and angel investors. They interacted with cleantech startups straight away in their pitching sessions. This direct conversation was done to ensure that their resolutions, products, and mission are well under the spotlight. 

Ampaire was the first to enter the pool of winners. CEO Kevin Noertker led the presentation, and it was co-hosted by Giancarlo Savini, Honeywell Ventures’ Investment and Partnership Director. The South Californian startup had been building hybrid-electric airplanes. The great invention disrupted and revolutionized the aviation industry’s future cost and emission reduction. The planes had been proven effective through a two-year commercial route flying experience. Also, it had flown ten times more than existing aircraft models. Ampaire’s future involves building an optimized mobility platform while raising market demand. 

(Ampaire takes flight for world’s first in hybrid-electric aviation)

S2 Water was the second winner. CEO Anthea Sargeaunt presented the pitching, and she was co-hosted by Remy de Tonnac, an ETF Partners’ Partner. The Edmonton-based startup developed a technology that detected metal and other atomics in water. These unwanted elements oftentimes negate operational efficiencies and environmental impacts. This technology disrupted the current water analysis problems in mining. It provides real-time and cost-effective data in five minutes under five different parameters. S2 Water’s future involves developing technologies that affect market-scaling a little faster, which will affect their market demand. 

From left to right: 2S Water’s CSO Anthony Nelson and CEO Anthea Sargeaunt

Lastly, Kraftwerk entered as the third winner. CEO Martin Pentenrieder led the presentation, and he was co-hosted by Steven Berkenfeld, Investment Legend and Director of Ecotopia Consulting. The Palo Alto-based startup combined German and American technologies to manufacture nano-coated, fully metallic tubes. These tubes would convert multiple natural gases, such as hydrogen, natural and liquefied gas, gasoline, and kerosene into electricity. These tubes also allowed lightweight, and highly efficient energy sources for small-scale usages. Kraftwerk’s future involves enlarging its business scale and eventually building self-sufficient communities. 

Kraftwerk’s next generation fuel cell technology

EX Venture Night is a quarterly and currently probably the largest venture capital event in the cleantech industry. EX Venture facilitates the event, and the company’s CEO Julien Uhlig leads the event. He underpins its mission to accelerate the development, and market acceptance of cleantech implementations globally. These startups utilize their technology and product to tackle humanity’s global challenges in the 21st century and beyond. In support of this mission, the event charges zero cents upon the participating startups, and help them to stand a chance for potential fundings. 

Julien will be hosting EX Venture Best of Europe 2021

“EX Venture Night is a truly global event, which connects startups with investors and mentors,” Juliana Garaizar, the Launch Director of Greentown Labs, said. “Greentown Labs is very proud to be a partner; many of our startups have truly benefited from this fantastic event.” Greentown Labs had been one of the top investors present in the annual event. 

This year, EX Venture moved the event online, to adapt to COVID-19’s new normal. The event invited startups, industry professionals, and investors across the globe to vote for their favorite cleantech idea. The 2020 event competitively bore only 0.3% of the total pitching companies. The German government would continuously provide funding support for the event. In the past, some of the notable participants hailed from different parts of the world. Among them were the world-renowned electric mobility-focused Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, solar-as-a-service startup Ecoligo, as well as an energy solutions company AfricaGreenTec.

Other than those mentioned, various industry professionals, for instance Fabian Sacharowitz from EIT InnoEnergy, Vincent Pichon from ENGIE New Ventures, Craig Douglas from Set Ventures, as well as Nikunj Jinsi from Better Future Networks, also attended the event. 

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The EX Venture team has managed more than 80 projects funded by the German government. Julien Uhlig, the founder, customizes EX Venture to resolve the world’s most challenging sustainability issues through investments through generous support from the German government. Additionally, EX Venture hosts EX Venture Night, a free online platform connecting leading investors and companies globally.

Within the last decade, Uhlig and the EX Venture team have invested in small-scale waste-to-energy companies while working on realizing great clean technologies (cleantech) ideas to life. Leading media outlets have also featured Uhlig and his work, and he had appeared in CNN, Bloomberg, The Guardian, and Japan Times. Uhlig was noted to be leading one of the most innovative companies in 2018, and nominated a mentor in building the next change-making entrepreneurs in cleantech from any parts of the world.

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