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How TraderNick (Nick Syiek) Is Completely Disrupting The Forex Industry



It’s no secret – most new traders getting involved in stocks and foreign exchange lose money. But why is that? 

With an ever growing surge in trading gurus, expensive courses, and marketers, it can be hard to distinguish what’s real, and the proper steps towards improving as a trader. 

The truth is that there are successful traders out there – but they may look a little different than you think. 

Nick Syiek, known on his YouTube channel as “TraderNick”, has over 200,000 subscribers in the trading niche. He shares hours of content for free, and leaves the fancy cars out of the shot. 

Nick himself is a 5 year trading veteran, with a conservative trend trading style. He focuses mostly on the currency market, but also trades and invests actively in stocks, commodities, etc. On his channel, he shares his experiences as a trader, his wins and losses, and live streams his market analysis for followers to tune in to his latest trade ideas. 

Nick’s business, A1 Trading, is a financial media company with an impressive team of experienced analysts and content creators. On the company site,, they offer an abundant supply of free resources, market coverage, and education for people looking to get their feet wet without spending a pretty penny. 

“I think that everyone has their own unique journey in markets, and learning should be free. There are many strategies that traders can use and become successful with, but there really is no substitute for getting your hands dirty and testing out strategies yourself. No expensive trading course is going to do all the work for you.” 

With multiple businesses behind him, Nick is a lifelong entrepreneur. Some of his more notable business ventures was starting a small construction equipment rental company, and an online website for recycling used cell phones. 

With his background in entrepreneurship, Nick eventually started A1 Trading after his YouTube channel started to take off. Bringing in a small team of marketers, content creators, and other financial market analysts, his goal was to create a media network that would change the forex industry forever.

The main focus at A1 Trading is to provide their audience of aspiring traders with free research in the form of articles, videos, and webinars. As A1 Trading has grown, they’ve made partnerships with large brokerages, trading platforms, and offer an online community for traders looking to collaborate with others. 

When asked about how he got started in trading, Nick had this to say: 

“I first heard about the stock market when a friend of mine doubled his money on a penny stock. I immediately started looking for penny stocks to buy myself, so I could do the same. As you can probably imagine, it didn’t end so well for me…” 

“Regardless, the concept of buying and selling securities fascinated me – and quickly became a puzzle I just had to solve. While studying computer science in school, I was focused night and day on back testing strategies and having endless conversations with my trading buddies.” 

“With time, I learnt a lot. Mostly what not to do in markets to be honest! But little by little, I started seeing progress, and finally started making money after countless hours in my college dorm studying this stuff. Probably why my grades weren’t so hot!” 

Eventually Nick started sharing his journey on YouTube, and to this day shares his experience in the markets – both good and bad. Nick does it differently than most in the industry, and tells it like it is. 

If you’re interested in keeping up with Nick, you can find his YouTube channel here

You can also read up A1 Trading’s latest market coverage and content on their website,

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