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How Two Female Entrepreneurs Are Disrupting The Legal Cannabis Business



What was once a taboo industry is now opening its controversial doors to the modern world and creating plentiful opportunities for entrepreneurs. The cannabis industry is growing and evolving, with research providing health benefits from the herb, and  Match Canna is one of the brands out on the market, shedding new light on the industry.

Match Canna Disrupts The Cannabis Industry

Match Canna helps people relieve chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety through consciously sourced, luxury cannabis products. Christina Rivera and her business partner Maggy Troup are avid cannabis advocates after experiencing different paths of how the drug can help with health issues.

Maggy was the black sheep of a more conservative family, aspiring to take a different path. She developed anxiety and found that cannabis was the medicine to help relieve this condition and ADHD, pain, and inflammation to aid relaxation.

Christina brainstormed and created the Match Canna product after experiencing an ex-boyfriend going through back pain. Working as an aesthetician for over ten years, she used her skills to help alleviate his pain. After months of researching pain and inflammation, starting botanical infusions from scratch, and a ton of failed experiments, she had about 1 oz of golden oil to show for it.

The Crossroads of Cannabis

Cannabis is at an exciting crossroads. The cannabis industry feels like the Wild Wild West because of the constantly changing regulations and the delicate balance between red tape and legality. Most days, the girls feel like we’re just trying to navigate our way through the ever-changing policies. However, they’re aiming to disrupt the space even more because cannabis is about much more than just the physical effects of getting high. It’s about healing. Match Canna provides consumers with quality products designed to work with the body’s own natural pain management network.

The cannabis space is a disruption in itself, but Match Canna aims to disrupt the area even more so. The girls want to help future entrepreneurs succeed within the industry. As cannabis entrepreneurs, Maggy and Christina change how people SEE cannabis, which means getting comfortable with the red tape that surrounds the industry. Cannabis is either highly regulated (THC) or not regulated at all (CBD). If you want to succeed in this ever-changing space, you’ll have to fail fast. The best thing to do is an advocate; speaking up and finding your voice will be vital in staying relevant.

Advice For Prospective Cannabis Entrepreneurs

And advice for prospective cannabis entrepreneurs? “We suggest getting involved in networking groups, mastermind courses, and connecting with as many cannapreneurs as possible,” said the founders. “The cannabis industry is one of the most complex industries to navigate, so having support, encouragement, and the right resources have been invaluable. Cannabis is buzzy right now. A lot of investors are getting into cannabis because they want to make money. So many people have failed in this space because they are putting profits over people. They started this business because they wanted people to feel their best — so they operate from that idea, and money is secondary.

The two female founders started this company to help those seeking alternative solutions for pain management. However, they’ve seen the significant impact that cannabis can have on mental health and physical health. In the next few years, Match Canna’s goals are to continue expanding their product line, launching a separate THC line of products that enhance medicinal properties, opening a CBD wellness spa in Dallas, and continuing to advocate for the legalization of cannabis nationwide.

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