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How Zachariah Stratford Empowers Aspiring Authors To Go From Blank Page to Published in 7 days.



Many creative minds in the world want to get the chance of putting their ideas on paper and allowing others to get a glimpse of the stories that play in their heads. But some moments hinder their progress and the goal of becoming a published author as they doubt themselves and their talents. 

And now with technology and artificial intelligence changing the way we write books, more people are eager to learn the ropes. 

Seeing the need for people to share their stories with the world, Zachariah “Zach” Stratford, & Darby Rollins, wrote: “Published With Jarvis”. This book helps people become the published authors they’ve dreamed of, even if they don’t have a degree in Creative Writing or English Literature

Through “Published With Jarvis,” Zach hopes to bring the sense of joy and accomplishment of having a published book in their hands in just a small amount of time. 

“With a very small number of tools available, we can show you how to literally go from an idea and dream in your head to a finished manuscript for your book in seven days. We then teach you every other tool you will need to finally click publish and become the author you’ve always dreamed” Zach said. 

Realizing And Addressing The Problem 

“I’ve spent years helping people publish their books at The Book Patch. Currently, we have over 60,000 published books on our site and have printed millions of copies,” Zach said. 

Yet despite that, Zach saw that the largest problem among people who want to get their names on a published book is that there’s a large number that don’t push through and finish what they started. 

He said they come to the site, start the process of uploading their book, and create the cover, but they never finish and click publish to seal the deal. 

Zach recalls another product launch years ago when they developed a writing program for the site that allowed their users to write their book on the platform, then go directly to publish, and have their book printed with The Book Patch. 

“We had over 20,000 sign-ups for this platform. Do you know how many people actually clicked publish? Less than 20. What that tells me is there’s a huge disconnect between the number of people that want to write a book and the number that actually do,” he said. 

Now, Zach is taking a step to show people that they can publish their books quickly and affordably with the Ai and the online tools available today, at just a fraction of the original cost. 

Learn more about Zachariah Stratford through his Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

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