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ICON is a talent agency that has been at the forefront of bringing the best talent to the table. It is a Toronto-based agency that has earned worldwide fame and appreciation and represents models who have appeared in prestigious fashion magazines, tv and movie screens, music videos, popular marketing campaigns, and ultra-chic catwalks all around the country, all with looks that reflect the most recent trends. ICON has put itself at the forefront of model creation and talent development, thanks to its ability to recognize and classify talent from all over the world. It has a wealth of expertise and insight in the modeling and entertainment industries, allowing it to masterfully manage the futures of a diverse range of models and talents in a transparent, competent, and dynamic manner.

ICON is always on the lookout for emerging faces, whether it’s models or actors. Its models are known for more than merely having the appearance – they are also recognized for their drive and ambition, as well as being driven professionals who excel in the dynamic modeling and entertainment industries. Staying true to their promises, ICON scouted a new face – X Angel Natalia.

Correctly Natalia Garand.  From a humble shy girl lurking in the shadows to a fitness fanatic – a courageous feminist, and a militant animal lover, there is no denying the glorious and angelic Polish beauty. There is nothing more breathtaking than a milk-pale, platinum blonde with brilliant blue eyes and slender, aristocratic features, with a killer body to boot. Being a model demands more than just stunning beauty and a commanding walk. A model’s willingness to express a photographer’s imagination is what separates them from all, and that’s exactly what goes for Natalia. Being known for her ocean-like eyes, Natalia dropped out of high school, and run away to France to live an adventure and learn about a new culture .

Her new home in Montreal, Canada emerges when young Natalia wished more from her life by boarding a plane to the land of maple leaf, right after her 18th birthday – a life-changing decision that made her feel more seen, more appreciated by the far-away gatekeepers of beauty. Natalia is an eager soul to embark on a new journey after fitting in a new continent and continuing her love for modeling and her passions. She fascinates adventures and traveling, diverse lifestyles and different cultures, while she had also adopted a vegan diet. But despite all of the new changes in her life, she never forgets about her hometown, to which she returned often and where she enjoyed engaging with talented photographers. Natalia admires the nature of Canada, especially lakes – her safe heaven which she truly adores. She has also discovered a variety of interests, including camping, a love for wildlife, cooking, the art of massage and music. Natalia has a world of experience to show off her beautiful appeal and astonishing versatility. She highlights the significance of music in her life, stating that music has always been vital to her and has surrounded her throughout her life. It inspires her to feel empowered, helps her to have faith in herself, and teaches her never to give up on her dreams.

Natalia diligently focuses on a series of other projects during the pandemic that she wishes to follow with dedication – having the goal of becoming a multi-entrepreneur. We welcome Natalia to Canada and congratulate on signing the contract with Icon Models . We wish you bright success and good luck in the industry.

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