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IFBB Pro Athlete Turned Mama, Fitness And Mindset Coach



Danielle Ruban (@danielleruban) is the CEO and founder of Danielle Ruban Coaching and the creator of “The Fit Mind N’ Body Breakthrough” –   a Transformation Program designed to empower high performance leaders and overwhelmed Moms to lose 20+ lbs and regain control of their bodies with simplicity and ease in 90 days.

Danielle has been coaching for over 12 years in the Health and Fitness Industry. 

She is a retired, top ranked IFBB Professional Fitness Athlete who has graced the most prestigious stages in the world including two Olympias and several Miss Fitness Internationals. 

It was through Danielle’s personal journey of making the transition from competitive fitness which involved extreme amounts of dieting and exercise to becoming a Mother that she discovered what she now embodies and empowers her clients to do: To create sustainable results in their health and fitness from a place of ease and well-being instead of unhealthy extremes and deprivation.

Through a combination of Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset coaching, Danielle leads and facilitates both tangible transformation results such as fat loss, improved strength, and performance as well as qualitative results such as improved confidence, energy, focus, and sleep.

Danielle’s mission is to empower her clients to implement an aligned strategy and build a healthy lifestyle foundation they enjoy that also yields them the desired results in their health and fitness. 

Danielle and her team which includes her assistant coach who is a certified holistic nutritionist take a holistic and customized approach towards every client. This includes the thorough diagnosing of overall lifestyle as well as exploring any underlying health issues such as digestive, gut health or hormonal concerns. Hence each client is provided with individualized nutrition and training protocols with the intention to address and improve areas of concern. 

Danielle’s background education in registered massage therapy enables her to design training programs that can address the needs of clients who may be experiencing common musculoskeletal injuries or postural imbalances. She often incorporates remedial exercises into the customization process as needed.

The pillars of her signature program include customizing a sustainable strategy, cultivating an abundance mindset as well as providing extraordinary accountability.

Danielle Ruban states that “The long term success my clients experience after the program is largely due to the mindset component included in my coaching programs”. 

If you would like to get involved and take your health and fitness journey to the next level you can follow Danielle on the following platforms: 




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