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Ifeoma Okonta and Her Journey



Ifeoma Okonta is a Canadian entrepreneur and business coach who has been helping businesses take their profits to unimaginable levels by changing their method of operation. By channelling her experience and knowledge of acquiring and retaining consumers from different geographical locations, she helps entrepreneurs navigate their businesses through her lectures.

Also, Okonta has been actively participating in activities wherein underrepresented communities are taught essential skills for succeeding in the professional world. With her kindness and talent, she constantly strives to provide better products to the consumers and the latest market information to her clients while also giving back to the community.

A Journey towards success

Also known as Iffy love, Okonta is a public speaker who works around the clock to help different businesses to achieve their long and short-term goals. She started her professional career by working in the healthcare industry. During her tenure, she acknowledged her growing dissatisfaction with the job, which led her to follow her passion of starting her business and helping others in doing the same.

When she would visit her gym, Okonta would notice that the days when she felt confident about her body and her attire, she would give her best. But there were not many outfit choices available for her as she is a curvy African American woman, which inspired her to start Eliori Fit with her sister, providing workout clothes that accentuate the positive features of every women and men’s body. The consumers are wildly receiving her company.

Okonta’s Advice To The Budding Entrepreneurs

Okonta could never fit in one social orthodox definition throughout her life. She loves experimenting with different things, adventures and pushing and challenging social boundaries. With acquired knowledge and experience, she is now able to help other entrepreneurs in increasing their revenues.

With the help of her presence on social media, Okonta has taken her brand to immense heights. Today, she shares her tips and techniques with entrepreneurs worldwide to create the engagement and bring small business awareness. Just like Okonta, the entrepreneurs learning from her are making millions of dollars in revenue annually from the comfort of their home.

Additionally, Ifeoma is the co-founder of Powerstone Agency, a creative agency that offer a multitude of services to help entrepreneurs elevate their digital marketing. She is a strong believer that in a world where one’s digital footprint is the new first impression; it is important to put your best digital forward- Powerstone Agency does exactly that. The company offers services from creative branding, website development, social media marketing, and numerous other branding services that can be found on

In the future, Okonta aspires to own numerous businesses that are contributing to bettering the world. With the lessons learned during her journey, she wishes to help other entrepreneurs reach the same level of success without the struggles and setbacks.

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