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Industry-Leading BioTech CEO Lends Advice To Emerging Entrepreneurs



Today’s business world is ripe with opportunity – especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Entrepreneurs from all around the world are looking for new ways to pave the way forward after such a devastating global health crisis. New solutions are coming to the table, new ideas are being shared around the world, new products are making their way throughout the various worldwide markets – and every step of the way, new players are coming into the game with a fresh perspective.

These emerging entrepreneurs are going to play a large role in the post-COVID world. All along and since the onset of the pandemic back in 2020, people have continued to point to a “new normal” instead of a “return to normal.” Well, according to the CEO of an industry-leading BioTech firm that is also bringing new ideas, solutions, and treatments to the table, these emerging entrepreneurs need to know just how to navigate this prime opportunity for success.

Who Is Tiago Reis Marques?

Tiago Reis Marques is the CEO of an emerging BioTech startup called Pasithea Therapeutics. Prior to becoming CEO of the company, Tiago was a world-renowned lecturer, researcher, and accomplished psychiatrist. With publication credits spread out throughout a number of the world’s most prominent research journals, numerous awards and distinctions, including the Young Investigator Award of the International Congress on Schizophrenia Research and the GQ Man of the Year award for science in Portugal, and a lengthy and successful career as a clinical psychiatrist, Tiago is now proud to steer the ship of a company that is laying the path for the future of mental illness treatment.

Tiago’s Advice

As you can see, Tiago’s journey has been quite extensive and exciting. For as far back as he could remember, he was always passionate about medicine and science. His studies throughout his undergraduate and graduate career helped to introduce him to new ways of thinking and new ways of doing – both of which combined to help him create a unique approach to psychiatry later on in his post-graduate life. 

As he continued to immerse himself in his research, Tiago developed a reputation as an expert. He became well known for his co-authored books, his journal publications, and of course, his research. Together with a professor of Neurology at Standford University and a group of investors he co-founded Pasithea Therapeutics where he currently serves as its CEO . The academic turned entrepreneur is guiding his BioTech firm to the forefront of industry innovation and he has some advice for emerging entrepreneurs.

“Whenever I meet a young, aspiring entrepreneur, I always tell them the same thing. Find something that you’re an expert in. Get a good basis of knowledge. Build the foundation through education, research, discovery, and practical experience. Invest in your knowledge however you can. From there, find out what’s missing, see how you can improve, and then begin to do better. From there, you’ll become the next expert in whatever field you’re interested in – and that’s the key to success,” says Tiago.

To learn more about Tiago Reis Marques and the work that he and his team are going at Pasithea Therapeutics be sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn by using the handles below: 

  • Twitter: @treismarques
  • Instagram: @drtiagoreismarques
  • LinkedIn: @tiagoreismarques

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