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Innovator And Fashion Designer Illya Shpetrik’s Take on Fashion And Environmental Sustainability.



Innovator Illya Shpetrik’s take on fashion is something that sets him apart from other fashion designers. His forward-looking outlook is what allows him to be the game-changer in the world of fashion. Illya is one of the most renowned fashion designers whose designs are like no other. Designing sustainable pieces by keeping the environment’s improvement isn’t something, one will find in every fashion designer. For Illya, our environment and ecosystem always come before fashion making him the most loved fashion designer.

Born in the 1980s, Illya Shpetrik always had a keen interest in our environment and ways to improve it. His passion for environmental development has led him and his label to great heights. Companies that are passionate about environmental development want to work with Illya Shpetrik. Environmental causes aren’t the only one which concerns him. Illya holds several causes close to his heart. He firmly believes that the only way to achieve your dreams is to give back to the people.

When it comes to collaborating with other brands, Illya Shpetrik loves to work with the ones which share the same interests. By adopting the newest technology, the innovator is always on his toes to bring out the newest designs. When asked about the fashion label, Illya Shpetrik said, “Shpetrik fashion is committed towards environment development and sustainability. As a team, we keep working on different ways to improve the environment. You will not find a single design of ours dumped anywhere in the world.” Illya Shpetrik’s designs are loved by everyone. Every year his team tries to bring out some newer collection. Illya’s hard work is the reason why his brand is more than just a label.

Coming from a normal family, Illya Shpetrik didn’t get everything on a silver platter. He has to work his way up to the ladder of triumph. People believe that Illya Shpetrik is more than a brand you wear. Every design of his has a cause behind it and that makes Illya Shpetrik’s wearer proud.

Illya Shpetrik’s label is growing with each passing day for all the right reasons. His team is always on their toes to create the finest designs. Illya Shpetrik firmly believes that as a fashion designer, he doesn’t just design clothes rather he designs dreams. His label stands out because of their belief. Illya’s concepts are simple and timeless. He dreams to make our planet a better living place for the upcoming generation and one can see that Illya Shpetrik won’t stop till he makes his dream come true.

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