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Inside the Mind of Elite Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sean Kelishadi



Dr. Sean Kelishadi is a highly respected plastic surgeon whose work is nothing short of life-changing. His attention to detail and transformation results are second to none, and his passion for making others feel confident in their skin is truly inspring.

The Wizard of Waistline

Dr. Sean Kelishadi, now commonly known as “The Wizard of Waistline,” was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to Los Angeles when he was five years old. Although he has become one of the most prominent plastic surgeons on the West Coast,  Dr. Kelishadi didn’t always want to be a plastic surgeon. He grew up playing sports all through grade school, and his mom always encouraged him to become a doctor from the time he was four years old. When he arrived to college, he quickly realized his dreams of playing professional sports was most likely not going to happen; however, Dr. Kelishadi was always fascinated by science, so naturally he double majored in biology and chemistry. Although he wasn’t certain of where his studies would lead him, Dr. Kelishadi was certain that he wanted to do something to help people. “I wanted to help people, so it was either going to be medicine or be a teacher,” he stated. “Eventually, I was pre-med and I was pretty sure I wanted to be some kind of surgeon, probably from all the TV shows I’ve watched because they always save the day and were in the spotlight,” Dr. Kelishadi explained with a smile.

Finding His Way

While Dr. Kelishadi was attending Vanderbilt, he was reading a newspaper about a research project to help people in need of organ transplants, which he mentioned really intrigued him. In fact, this sparked his interest so much that he went to work with a heart surgeon for two years as well as conducting research with him, and that experience is ultimately what inspired Dr. Kelishadi to pursue surgery. “I knew for sure then I was going to be a surgeon,” he explained. Dr. Kelishadi chose general surgery for his residency because he  wanted to keep his options open. When he attended University of Maryland to acquire his general surgery residency, he got the opportunity to rotate between  trauma, oncology and pediatric surgery, and he enjoyed all of them; however, with plastic surgery he liked the fact that he could operate on the entire body, from head to toe. Dr. Kelishadi also enjoyed the fact that there’s very few emergencies in the field of plastic surgery. Fewer emergencies means a more planned and organized schedule, which is something Dr. Kelishadi values quite a bit.

The Signature “Mommy Makeovers”

According to Dr. Kelishadi, a mommy makeover is “whatever you have to do to restore the female silhouette to its pre-pregnancy form.” Dr. Kelishadi also states that many of the women who come to get a mommy makeover are not mothers, rather people who have lost a lot of weight or are aging and want to restore themselves. Although it sounds simple, a typical mommy makeover is a combination of procedures. “Most people get some kind of breast procedure, either a breast augmentation or breast lift and some kind of body procedure such as a tummy tuck or liposuction,” Dr. Kelishadi explained. “We also can do fat transfer, especially with mothers because during pregnancy hormone levels all change and people store fat in certain places, so I’ve got women who come to me and they’ve got deflated breasts that are sagging after they’ve had kids.” Regardless of what the specific case may be, Dr. Kelishadi has dramatically changed the lives of numerous women by restoring their confidence and bodies with his mommy makeovers.

A Passion for Making Others Happy and Confident

When asked what the best part of his job is, Dr. Kelishadi said it was a no-brainer. “I think seeing how happy my patients are is the most amazing thing,” he stated. “Seeing how happy they were and how appreciative they were for what I did for them — it’s really cool.” Dr. Kelishadi believes that no matter what procedure or task he is working on, the ultimate objective of his work is make people happy. He understands that it’s his responsibility to deliver what his patients are hoping for every single time. “When my patients come back to me to tell me they got a new job or their interaction with their significant other is so much better because they’re more confident, or seeing them posting pictures on social media, it’s like wow, this is a really big deal.” Dr. Kelishadi enjoys keeping in touch with his patients, and often develops strong relationships with them. He loves receiving updates from them, and seeing how happy his work has made them feel. It’s through his skill, dedication to perfection, and care for others that he has reached the top of his industry, and he has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Keeping Up With Dr. Kelishadi Online

Readers can keep up with Dr. Sean Kelishadi on his Instagram and website.

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