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Interview With Aspiring Artist Ieisha Marie



Hi Ieisha Marie! How are you?

“I’m great living and loving life really!”

Tell us about your background and what has gotten you to where you are today?

“After being given up by my mom at 2 days old, I was a young girl in Detroit being mentally, physically, and sexually abused! I’ve survived all of this including being a suicide survivor. I overcame all of this and became an artist, then Wjlb a very popular radio station in Detroit gave me a chance. I have a popular song on Detroit’s iheart radio station Wjlb. The song is named Tell The Teller. I’ve also opened for Big artists like Bun B.”

When did you start music?

“I started writing music at 10 years old.”

How did you get into music?

“When I fell into a deep depression at the age of 10 other people’s music was my outlet, so I wanted to be that same outlet for others and myself.”

What is your greatest inspiration for your music?

“My greatest inspiration is my past, all the horrible things I’ve been through inspired me to be as great as I am today. But also GOD and the family I’ve created.”

Who inspires you the most musically?

“Musically NBA Youongboy is my absolute favorite we were both Libras and we’ve been through some of the same things so I understand him but growing up Drake, Wale, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B.”

Are you currently signed or independent?


What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

“I want people to listen to my music and see what I’ve been through. It is all just like them and I survived it. My odds were the lowest. So if I can do it they can too.”

What is your greatest achievement as a musician?

“Writing all my music and hearing myself on the radio knowing millions of people heard me.”

What are the challenges of being an artist?

“Being a female artist. They expect you to rap about body parts, sex, or crying over a dude 24/7 (no offense to those that do because sometimes the music is hot) but if you don’t they aren’t trying to hear it. You also can’t be too skinny, too big, or too “thick.” Fans think once you become an artist they dictate every move you make. I’m a natural woman, I’ve never had surgery and I get bashed for that saying I haven’t.”

Anything else you’d like to share?

“I love all my supporters. They’re great. I am me and that’s who I’ll always be. I’m never interested in being the badest, I’m chill and laid back. One day I can look like the badest and the next you’ll see me looking very homely. My music is what affects you, not me so much.”

Follow Ieisha Marie on Instagram: @Official_ieishamarie

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