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Interview With Real Estate Agent Audrey Martinez



Hi Audrey Martinez! How are you?

“Hi! I’m so grateful to be here meeting with you today.”

Where are you located?

“Charlton, MA.”

How would you like to represent yourself? Tell us about who you are, any past accomplishments, and what you or your business/brand does and offers.

“I like to represent myself as a holistic realtor, intimately in tune with my client’s needs and concerns, readily available to address all the things that invariably come up when selling or purchasing a property, from assisting first time home buyers in obtaining financing, to finding investors their “next move”; from luxury homes searches to industrial space needs, I will be the agent who cares deeply for you, protecting both you and your assets.”

What do you want your audience to know about you?

“I want my clients to know that I love what I do! I want them to be assured that no matter what unique challenges arise, I will be with them helping to find the solution.”

Who was one person that helped you to get to where you are today?

“My husband, Jose Martinez. He is so driven and focused that it radiates to everyone around him. Not only have we made amazing strides together, both in business and our personal lives, but he positively affects everyone he meets. He acts as a compass for me. He has an innate ability to see things from a logical point of view. We balance each other in an incredible way.”

How do you build your client’s trust?

“My clients know early on they can trust me because from the very first meeting I follow through with what I say I will do. Transparency and open communication are essential to the relationship.”

What separates you from other competitors?

“Empathy. No matter what you are doing in life, if you can’t envision what it is like to be in the other person’s shoes, it will be more difficult to tend to that person’s needs. The greater the well of experiences one has to draw on, the broader the understanding. I have personally been a home buyer and home seller. I am an investor. I have run a farm. I have run a boarding house. I have built a family home, downsized to a smaller home, moved across the country with children and pets. I have relocated for work. I have been displaced by a natural disaster. I have navigated and sold life estates. I understand both the excitement and the concerns when it comes time to make a move.”

What is your ultimate goal or vision?

“My ultimate goal is to be a source of good in the communities I serve, helping more and more people each year, reach their real estate goals.”

Anything else your audience should know?

“The surest way to achieve wealth, now and generationally, is through real estate. It would be my great honor to assist you on that path. Contact me to discuss your real estate goals.”

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