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Introducing Andrey Santin, The Artist Turned Trader !



Andrey Santin is a young Youtuber & Artist who started making youtube videos in 2015, he now also does Forex & provides tips for others on how to move in global markets and how to learn more about business and life. 

Making a name in the industry 

Andrey was a YouTuber, in 2015 he started making YouTube videos. His type of content was family friendly videos and after that he gained many subscribers. Although he had a lot of fans, he also gained haters. That is bound to happen as numbers in followers grow, with the good comes the bad in the internet. 

Obstacles faced

Andrey Santin has faced his fair share of obstacles, he was cyber bullied from YouTube and on the internet because of his career. He felt lonely so he resorted to making YouTube and Instagram videos to make new friends and to be loved. This really helped him feel better from being lonely. 

Overcoming obstacles 

Andrey overcame his obstacles by attempting to ignore all the bad comments he received, he also posted more content to make his followers happy. This caused him to work even more and motivated him, so he continued doing this.

Uniqueness within the industry 

What makes Santin so different within the industry is his personality and his words. He loves every single one of his followers and wants to see them happy and successful in life. He sees them as his own friends.


What keeps Andrey motivated is helping others and seeing them happy and proud. He firmly believes that helping each other is the strongest thing in this world. Santin has goals and dreams, he feels that everyone should have goals and dreams. 

Business helping others

Santin business revolves around helping others to become financially free. As well as to have a good mindset since the first day with him. These are the goals he knows he can help others reach.

In conclusion, Andrey gets encouraged by helping others which is a rare wonderful trait to have. That is a natural leadership skill and is very effective in helping others become the best version of themselves. He has been on the internet for a good while now so he is aware of how negative it can be. Although he’s experienced first hand how brutal and negative the internet can be towards one person, he never let that discourage him from reaching his goals or disrupt his plans. His followers are not just numbers to him, to him they are his friends and has a genuine connection with them. He only wants the best for others, he is selfless and has others best interests at heart. 

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