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Introducing Penguin City CBD: As Pure As It Gets



In recent years, the recognition of CBD (cannabidiol) has grown as the power of the active ingredient has been discovered. While its potential has been continuously studied, it is unfortunate that the misinformation has grown. Two medical professionals and certified CBD coaches, Candia Zlenka MSN, CRNA, and Robin Wilkes AS, RRT wanted to shift this commonality by presenting accurate information. Together, they formed Certified CBD Coaching & Sales as a consulting agency that aims to educate consumers on everything they need to know about CBD.

Enhancing Education

It is common that people are confused about which product and dose to select when considering CBD products. Certified CBD Coaching & Sales offers free personalized consultations regarding the use of CBD, educational seminars on basic information (what it is, uses, methods of administration, and dosages), and how to determine the quality of a product. Questions and concerns will be addressed to support what the client is pursuing. All of this knowledge actively guides their clients to achieve their goals on their CBD journey. The newly acquired information allows for a greater sense of health and well-being. 

CBD can have a powerful and positive impact on one’s mind and body, but only if the product is legitimate. Not only are there high levels of misinformation in the CBD communities, but there is also an abundance of poor quality CBD products on the market. There were some tested products on the market that had 0% CBD in them. A reliable source is essential to a positive and effective CBD experience.

High Quality

Penguin City CBD was created to solve this by ensuring the offer of pure, high-quality products. Their custom formulas are enhanced with additional terpenes, cannabinoids, and essential oils to target specific realms of health and well-being (such as rest, calm, focus, invigorating, comfort, chill, muscle & joint support, and digestive support). The comfort and chill formulas are enhanced with the cannabinoid CBG which has potent anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties. The various product options will benefit anyone who is seeking a high-quality CBD product.

The purity of the product is shown from seed to sale through the transparency of the manufacturing company. The Hemp is organically grown in the US with no pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers. Each harvest is cloned from crop to crop to guarantee identical batches, which promotes product consistency. The extraction process is done through Supercritical CO2 to yield the purest CBD oil. Before the extraction and throughout the production process, vigorous in-house testing is done. The labs used for testing are cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO (International Standards Organization) certified. Third-party testing is completed through an independent ISO Certified lab that verifies the quality in compliance with USHA (US Hemp Authority), safety, and legality. The facility carries all required state licenses and certifications to ensure the safe and quality production of the products.

From the high-quality guidance to high-quality products, this organization has the intention of enhancing education and community. A unique perk of this company is having the opportunity to become involved as a Penguin Pal. A Penguin Pal can carry and share the products to help those who are seeking CBD because this company truly believes that everyone is deserving of a high-quality lifestyle. Penguin City CBD is proud to stand behind its services and products. They are clean (GMO and pesticide-free), safe, non-toxic, pure, legal, and affordable. For further information regarding how and why the business started, third party testing and COA’s, Penguin Pal, and more, please visit both websites through the links provided below.


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