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Is Kingsmen the Reality Check Men Need? This Brotherhood Is Lighting the Ends of Their Own Tunnels

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The oldest and strongest emotion of humankind is fear. This emotion is single-handedly

credited for the survival of mankind. Our brains are carefully hardwired to keep us safe

and preserve our being, so much that we avoid feeling fear at nearly all costs.

Those who face fear, if history is observed, did one of two things: died or made history.

What will you choose?

Do you avoid fear, or do you make history? Before you answer, I’m not talking about

Napoleon or Jesus-status history, I’m talking about generational history.

Fear is a healthy thing!

It’s avoiding fear and succumbing to our complacency that is unhealthy.

Here’s how fear looks in today’s world:

50,000 people are fired from their jobs each day. People feel our complacency and it

isn’t good.

Alternatively, 45% of CEO’s have had a major negative career event, why? Because

they decided not to suck anymore.

43% of marriages end in divorce. 60% of those marriages have children. Of these

marriages, 24% of kids grow up without a father and are more likely to show more

aggression and susceptibility to drug use.

Avoiding fear creates unfulfilling lifestyle patterns. Over 900 million people globally are

unfulfilled with their current place in life. So how can we change this?

No matter what you want to get out of life, in order to get to where you want to be, do

one thing: Take a risk.

Risk looks different for everyone. It could be jockeying for the promotion.. It could be

quitting our job to go after our own business. It could be proposing to the woman of your


Whatever it is, will you do it?

Josh is the founder and lead trainer for KingsmenRISE, a growing brotherhood of

businessmen, fathers, husbands, brothers, and entrepreneurs who lead via service to

themselves and others. They challenge each other to step up and step into life’s fire,

crushing the normality culture has thrust upon them. These guys are for real.

Discover Your Potential

Kingsmen urges us to no longer spend a lifetime searching for their purpose, but to find

it now so we can live it now. Finding your purpose is actually good for you! According to

a study from the University of California, San Diego, understanding your purpose in life

improves your mental and physical well-being and boosts cognitive functioning.

Josh once believed his purpose was to be a professional athlete. He was the kid who

answered the kindergarten question of what you want to be when you grow up with: a

professional baseball player. His teacher smiled kindly and said, “That’s wonderful

Josh,” believing he would never make it.

He did make it. Then he went back and shook their hands and relished in their surprise.

Proving people wrong and others right is what Josh got used to.

But when his professional baseball career ended, Josh underwent a process of fear,

failure, doubt, and grit, Josh reached a level of unbridled determination others simply

weren’t willing to reach to discover what he was truly made for. Are you a king?

“Excellence is not a destination, it’s a commitment you cultivate through the vision of a

life worth pursuing,” says Josh Kingsmen was created based on the belief we were all

created to lead and with the right tools and support, we will build empires. Josh and his

team help men develop integrity and strength in their personal faith, families, fitness,

finances and…their future.

Learn To Commit

When you join the brotherhood, you don’t just commit to your brothers, you commit to


Choosing unabashed commitment is absolutely crucial for actual, lifelong change. Our

lives are short. If you’re reading this at 40, you’re effectively halfway through the better

part of your productive life. Of course, it’s never too late, but let’s be real: time waits for


Kingsmen isn’t about just doing life or making ends meet. Kingsmen is intended to help

you thrive. Josh helps men build their own ideals, grow resilience and be accountable.

The Time is Now

Our brains are wired to keep us safe and take the path of least resistance because we

might need our energy later. We are programmed with a scarcity mindset in our

everyday lives. What comes from this is complacency. It’s dangerous. We all know that

ever-comfortable feeling of doing what we always do. Having a beer after dinner,

watching the game on Sunday, glossing our eyes over that set of yoga pants in the

airport while the mother of our children sits next to us.

You owe it to yourself and those around you to meet your potential.

But you don’t have to do it alone. You can be a King. Kingsmen is a community for men

hellbent on becoming their best and living the legacy they were created for. Get access

to the private Facebook page here.

Or, stay comfortable.

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.