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Jainee Gandhi, a human resources postgraduate turned into an Image Consultant. Headhunter to Headturner

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There was no such thing like image consultation before 1970 but as the time went on people started to realize the significance of body appearance. They understood that image matters when it comes to confidence therefore, began to invest money in the way they present themselves. Since the time image consultation has been blooming as a profession. Image consultants help people elevate their self-assurance and assist them in how to be flawless in every aspect of life. Let’s talk about a professionalist in this field, Jainee Gandhi. Jainee is a professionally certified image consultant from Association of Image Consultants International, putting her in the league of select few senior consultants across the world and the first Indian to be certified at such a senior level. She specialises in Styling, body confidence coaching and curating a wardrobe for clients that they absolutely love.

Originally from India, Jainee Gandhi is currently based in Singapore. Jainee inaugurated an Academy under the name ‘Jaineegandhi.com’ with an aim to add values in people’s lives. Her Academy provides services like Style & Wardrobe Evaluation, Personal Shopping & Styling, Corporate Image Consulting , Body & Face Shape Evaluation and so on in not just Singapore but her clients range from 5 countries in 3 continents.

There is a saying that “First impression is the last impression” and this is somewhere allied to looks and sense of style of a person. Jainee estimates peoples’ personality and suggests the kind of clothes accordingly based on their unique body shape and personal style. Jainee is acclaimed for her aptness to manifest many ways of styling a dress all over Instagram and the appreciable comments for her reveals it all. Jainee took the training from Image Consulting Business Institute, a pioneer in India in the field with decades of experience in Training and Grooming, learning the syllabus of internationally renowned expert, Judith Rashband (CEO and Director of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA). Besides, she is a certified colour consultant from Academy of Image Mastery in Singapore, was a senior trainer consultant with Image Innovators of Australia.

Self-image is the personal view or idea of our own abilities, appearance and personality when we look ourselves into the mirror. When the self-image is positive, you feel satisfied and filled with optimistic thoughts about your body. Jainee says,”Appreciate every bit of you. Be proud of yourself being you and nobody else. Embrace everything about your body. Accept your flaws and beautify them in your own way. Create looks and styling that suits you and dress yourself the way you like it, not the way people and trends demand.”

A messy wardrobe means a messy life and a clear space refers to a clear mind. Right? Jainee helps people to sort out their looks and their wardrobe too. “It’s time to let go, declutter and say goodbye forever to some of your unnecessary clothes. Decluttering has therapeutic health benefits along with physical exercise as it relaxes your mind, reduces anxiety & stress and it’s kinda treat to both your body and soul. Follow ‘Rate and Remove’, remove the clothes having low ratings in your list. Donate the garments which you haven’t worn in the last few years and are not gonna wear in the upcoming years,” avows Jaimee.

In this era of technology and social media, instagram plays a very crucial role in influencing, educating and entertaining people. Jainee joined Instagram in 2018 to make people witness her daily wear. Her Instagram page is all about REAL, RELATABLE and WEARABLE wearable outfit hacks that everybody can relate to. Jainee is in favor of sustainable styling for every woman regardless of shape, size and color. She truly believes in ‘Rewearing & Restyling’ of every attire. Jainee decided to show her presence on social media to make fashion obtainable to everyone while taking care of the sustainability of peoples’ wardrobe and funds.

Jainee’s positive attitude & vibe has become a ray of hope for those women who had forgotten the value of self-love and self-importance. She has won a lot of hearts because of her nice way of social interaction that women got inspired by her and started following her steps. Her intention of taking sustainable fashion to another level is commendable.

Editorial Desk Editorial team Account! Bringing you entrepreneurial stories. Flourishive views the world through the eyes of entrepreneurship—ambition, ​empathy, the ​grind. Be inspired by articles curated by Flourishive Contributors.