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Jared Esguerra – A Serial Entrepreneur with an ever growing curiosity in the Crypto Markets



Jared Esguerra, born on the (14th December 1986), is a serial Entrepreneur he is also known as a Crypto trader. He studied at Florida International University but his interest was in making a 6-figure income and becoming a self-made business man.

Jared Esguerra has Entrepreneurship running through his veins. Ever since he was a child, he had his own businesses in one form or another. From selling lemonade on the corner to designing websites for friends, he always knew that he would never work for someone else besides himself. At the age of 19, he founded his first 7 figure digital marketing agency of which he later leveraged all the information he amassed to launch an 8 figure yearly revenue nutraceutical company using various digital marketing channels to drive sales. Besides his digital marketing background, he grew his own commercial real estate portfolio, specifically focusing on underperforming multifamily properties. His life has been a roller coaster ride, from zero to several eight-figure businesses back to zero and back up to success.

In the beginning of his journey he lost a lot of money. Nevertheless, he kept going and never stopped dreaming big. Now his heading towards achieving bigger goals with more hardwork. His success today is a result of his determination, perseverance and smart analyzing skills. He’s an independent person who does everything on his own and his dedication and Hardwork payed off.

Jared’s most passionate venture however has been trading the financial markets and most recently crypto currencies. He sees cryptocurrencies as the future of humanity and the downfall of traditional world currencies. His unique ability to read market trends has made him a successful 8 figure trader. He addresses his audience by saying, “Patience is the key to success and without Patience you cannot succed nor progress in your life”. He has successfully established himself as a serial entrepreneur and lives life with the following motto” Be happy for what you have, but don’t be happy for where you’re at.

Jared Esguerra share’s his life journey to Entrepreneur: “It was difficult when I first started. However, as time passed, I continued to learn more about management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. And I’m in this position today because of the difficult days I’ve had in the past. That taught me how much harder I have to work every day. We will not learn to grow outside of our comfort zone unless and until we are presented with difficult opportunities, tasks, and challenges. After all, only by stepping outside of our living comfort zone can we achieve success.”

Jared has made a good amount of ban base Followers on Instagram of 90k and he is known as @jcryptd / crypto trader.

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Instagram : @jcryptd

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