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Jason Ditkofsky: Making A Difference One Sign at a Time



The pandemic has been a challenging time, specifically for small businesses and entrepreneurs planning to launch their businesses in 2020. Many companies have closed due to lack of finances, others due to the extreme social-distancing preventatives enforced. Although the small business world has struggled in the past year, a South Florida entrepreneur has donated his time to give back to his small business community.

Jason Ditkofsky is the CEO of McNeill Signs and Channel Letters USA, and he has become a full-service operation providing custom design, signage manufacturing, permit acquisition, and complete installation. But what makes Ditkofsky’s companies stand out are the unique and out-of-the-box signs. His innovation and his signs are disrupting the traditional sign industry.

Even though the sign industry is ages old, Jason’s creations stand out amongst the competition. “I try to stand out by being the anti-old school sign guy. There are so many people like that in the sign industry”, said Jason Ditkofsky, CEO of McNeill Signs. “I apply a customer-centric, technology-driven business model to a very traditional industry. People will forget about the old-school signs, but they will remember the innovative and creative signs.”

More and more companies are ignoring the “status quo” and becoming more innovative and taking risks. Jason does this with every client and makes sure they will stand out among the rest.

While Jason is dominating the sign industry, he is also disrupting it. During the beginning of the pandemic, Jason decided to set up a free sign giveaway for new small businesses in the South Florida area. All they had to do was write a 500-word essay to explain why they deserved to win. Several small businesses, such as Happea’s, a Mediterranean-Latin fusion restaurant in Miami, got a free sign. It is one of the costlier expenses when opening a new business.

Humble of his success, Jason believes he has still got some time before he becomes a disruptor. “I am not sure I would consider myself a disruptor quite yet. But I do have some ideas up my sleeve that I’m planning in the near term. For now, I keep looking for ways to improve upon my customers’ experiences.”

In the meantime, Jason has a few big goals he has for this upcoming year. His biggest goal for this year is to continue growing either through strategic partnerships or even another acquisition. 2021 will be a big year, and he hopes to continue the success of the past year. Growing a business can be challenging, but Jason is always up for a challenge, especially if it results in success.

One piece of advice Jason lives by is to plan everything. “Plan so that you have a road map of how to proceed, but mostly so that you can take advantage of situations when they show up. Also, prepare for any surprises that pop up along the way. Because something like that always happens, regardless of how much you plan.” Jason’s planning and disruption of the sign industry have led him to make his mark on South Florida, and the future is nothing but bright.

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