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Jessica Tutino’s Gives Her Top Tips For Getting Through Threats And Rough Times As A Business Owner



The whole world agrees that 2020 was one of the most trying years in economic history. The spread of the COVID-19 virus led to the premature closure of several businesses and stifled the growth and scale of many more. However, despite the harsh reality of the past year, several entrepreneurs like Jessica Tutino stood their ground and confronted the situation head-on. In the end, Jessica and people like her came out of this situation more vital than ever.

Jessica Tutino is the founder of General Management Team, where she conducts full turnkey operations and consulting for new and established MMJ brands across the United States.

In this article, Jessica lets us in on some of her top tips for thriving despite the rough times that may come and go. 

See nothing as a threat:

Perhaps the most effective way to thrive through a tough time is to realize that it can not harm you. Changing your perception and altering your approach will automatically reduce the importance of the situation that could otherwise be intimidating.

“ I don’t think I’ve ever really felt a threat when it comes to business,” Jessica states. “ Of course, there are always obstacles. Obstacles will always exist when you are doing something worthwhile. However, I love what I do and am very passionate about it, so no obstacle is strong enough to stop me.”

Instead of cowering and quitting at the indication of the slightest obstacle, Jessica chooses to see each ‘failure’ as a unique lesson.

“ I have been in this industry for more than five years, and I’ve never felt a threat as I go towards my goal. I have only run into some learning curves!”

Seek inspiration from your team:

One of the easiest ways to overcome any challenge is to be surrounded by people who trust, inspire and motivate you. As a business owner-especially, a new one- the circle you will spend the most time in will be your team. You must handpick the right people based on their motivations and strengths.

Jessica believes that much of her success can be credited to her dream team.

“We are like family,” she comments about her team at GMT. “I am constantly in awe of their dedication to their work, the will and want to learn other fields, and the professionalism they bring to every brand we help.”

Measure your success:

It is easy to get discouraged when you don’t have any active means to measure your success and fully appreciate how far you have already come. Especially when times become uncertain, you need to take a break and give yourself credit. Something as simple as enjoying yourself can boost your morale tremendously.

For Jessica, what she considers to be her super-power is her no-quitting attitude.

“I measure my success by my ability to remain strong, present, and keep my core values during hard times like 2020 and make it through positively.  I learn from my mistakes because everyone makes them, but I’m goal-driven and not an easy quitter. I am my own biggest fan.”

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