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Jiwan Emre Helps You Make the Best of Your Plays With Crush The Books



As the global economy slides into recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many have found themselves increasingly pressed toward alternative sources of income. Widespread unemployment due to closures and downsizing combined with work-from-home measures have also left people with significantly more time at home. These, combined with the sheer boredom prevalent in the pandemic, have made ventures like trading and investing in financial markets more popular than ever. Innovations that allow for all these to be executed remotely have also played a significant role in their popularity.

The Rise of Sports Handicapping

While previously a casino- or bar-based activity, the sports handicapping market has received new life in a manner similar to that described above. The industry is now estimated to be worth billions of dollars and is only expected to grow exponentially over the coming years. Aside from the profit potential, the industry enjoys the added benefit of its sheer mass appeal. After all, customers can range from serious day-traders and career handicappers to casual players and simple sports enthusiasts.

With its massive growth, the popularity of businesses that offer sports handicapping advice and mentorships have risen accordingly. Like with most new industries, however, sports handicapping consultancy has just entered the sort of “Wild West” phase characterized by an extremely open nature with businesses of varying quality and credibility.

An Online Wild West

The fact that most of these transactions occur purely over the internet, combined with the highly unregulated nature of the sports handicapping industry and its accompanying consultancy services, means that cases of services with dubious quality and examples of outright fraud are not unheard of. Modern social-media-savvy hustlers have turned to using their online clout to advertise services that offer unrealistically high or ‘undefeated’ win rates. Worse still, there have been cases of sports consultants disappearing entirely without rendering any service.

A Change in Scenery

As a veteran handicapper, Jiwan Emre became fed up with such services, which he felt were giving the entire industry a bad rep. To this end, he established his own consultancy company Crush The Books, to provide services that are top-notch in quality and honesty, and credibility. The company’s quality is backed up by Jiwan’s extensive educational and practical background in handicapping and analytics and anchored by his uniquely forthright approach.

Although it provides the same type of services as its competitors, with packages ranging from detailed predictions for a wide variety of sports to complete mentorship programs that promise the ins and outs of the business for higher-end clients, Jiwan ensures that these services are delivered with utmost transparency and a customer-focused approach. To this end, Jiwan ensures that his company, win or lose, provides no-nonsense information to its clients to improve their game. Similarly, Crush The Books’ advertisements always promise the complete truth, free from the dubious claims of most other sports handicapping consultancies.

Final Thoughts

Through these methods, Crush The Books could distinguish themselves with minimal advertisement, with customers developing a love for the brand for their refreshingly honest approach. Through this, Jiwan is achieving his dream of helping others earn more through sports handicapping and changing the reputation of the industry itself.

Jiwan Emre hopes to make handicapping better in terms beyond just their playing ability. You can find out more about him and his company by following their Instagram at @Crush.the.books.

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